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Dr. Sangita (Breast Cancer Survivor) Cancer Is Not the End of Life

Dr. Sangita (Breast Cancer Survivor) Cancer Is Not the End of Life

I am (Breast Cancer Survivor) an ayurvedic Consultant. I run a panchakarma centre along with OPD. This is my profession. 

How did it start

This all happened 10 years back when I felt a lump in my right breast. I then went for sonography and there was nothing. Doctors said it can be cured by just taking some antibiotics. My husband is also a Doctor. After 8-10 days he suggested that I should go for another test and so we went for another test. I went to see Dr. Namrata Kachara. She suggested that I  should go for sonography. After the sonography, she found out something suspicious and suggested that I should go for FNAC where Dr. Raghu diagnosed me  with carcinoma. 


My gynecologist, Dr. Neera Goyal suggested to me about Dr. Anupama Negi. Dr. Anupama Negi runs an NGO named 'Sangini'. She is a positive lady. She deals with counseling of Breast Cancer. When I went there, she was already diagnosed with Cancer. She motivated me alot. She knew that she had only 3-4 years of survival but still she was motivating me and other patients around. 

Although my treatment was going on in Indore, she suggested that I go to Tata Memorial Hospital where I was treated by Dr. Rajendra Parmar. He is one of the famous surgeons for Cancer in Asia. I underwent the frozen section treatment.

What is Frozen section treatment 

Frozen section treatment is a process where the doctor takes a part of your lump in an ongoing operation while keeping the patient on hold, and waits for the reports so they can decide the treatment for the patient. In my case the size of the lump was smaller than 2 cm. So nothing came in the report. But still the doctor removed the lump from its surrounding areas.

We came back home and were supposed to go back after 15 days for check up but in those 15 days my histopathology report came and showed that the cells were still there.We then contacted Dr. Rakesh Taran, who is in Indore. He is a chemotherapy expert. He counselled me and said that it's not even at 1st stage and can be cured easily. There is nothing to worry about. 

I then went back to Mumbai with the reports to Dr. Parmar where he said the same. But on a side note as he didn't want any risk, he advised  me 4 chemo and 25 Radiations. He even said that it can be done in Indore itself. So we came back to Indore. My chemo started and in the whole process of chemo I had good support from my family, and friends. After chemo, it is advised to get rest for at least a week but I used to go to my clinic daily because even my patients were waiting for the treatment. Also, I was given chemo so the side-effects were not much. 

After the chemo, I was given a round of radiation by Dr. Aarti.I used to go to the hospital with my mother who supported me throughout and was always with me. After Days this process of radiation ended. 

The doctor also  suggested that I should do some physical activities such as walking, yoga for at least an hour everyday. 

Follow up given by doctor

I had to report to the hospital in Mumbai for sonography, X-rays and other tests but after some time I shifted all my tests to Indore.It stopped after 3-4 years. Still I am going for the follow ups. I didn't have any medicine or supplements. 

 Support system 

From the start everyone was with me but my husband supported me throughout.. He has been with me all the time. Even my servants have shown support during the tough times.

I adopted a healthy lifestyle. I do eat street food sometimes. I added some physical activity in my routine. A follow up regime was given to me which I follow even now. 

Tip from my side

Do not depend only on ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is good. It will help in the treatment process but go for chemo and radiation too. Because the latter are better than ayurveda. Ayurveda does help you to stay focused and positive but the actual treatment of Cancer is chemotherapy and radiation.
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