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Sandeep Singh's Experience With Cancer

Sandeep Singh's Experience With Cancer

I am not a cancer survivor or caregiver, but I have closely seen the cancer journey. I have had two different journey experiences; one was as a youngster, while the other was as an above 50-year-old person. That Youngster was my senior in school and was a good friend. In a fight with his sibling, he got hurt in the area where he had some lump. It started raining, so the family took him to the hospital, where doctors scanned him and suggested having surgery so that they could test what kind of tumor it was. His family decided to have surgery within 4-5 days. When the surgery was done, and the tumor was tested, it was the 4th stage of Lung Cancer. They started the treatment, but after one month, he started feeling weak, so due to weakness, doctors stopped his chemo and started radiation.

After some time, he started feeling better, and his report showed no evidence of cancer. So doctors told him his cancer was over, and he could begin his everyday life. He started going to college, but day by day, he started getting weak again, so while leading an everyday life, he sometimes took radiation in between. When he got weaker again, the test was done, and it was now positive for cancer. Chemo and radiotherapy were started again, but this time he got mentally tired; he was tired of feeling weak and taking medicines. He started giving up and told his family he didn't want to get hospitalized; he wanted treatment from home. The family understood his mental condition, took him home, and started ayurvedic treatment. This went on for two years, but after that, ayurvedic medicines started affecting his kidneys, and he used to have severe fever and pains; he would be in bed all day and could not even stretch his body. His condition worsened daily, and then he left his body and moved to heaven.

On the other hand, a 50-year-old uncle was my neighbor:

He had been suffering from a cough and cold for some time, so doctors suggested having an X-ray. When X-ray reports came, it was an infection in his lungs. Doctors gave antibiotics, but that too didn't work, and the cough was still there, so doctors got confused and thought it might be TB and started providing treatment for TB. He took TB medicines for two months, but his condition remained the same, so his family thought to have a CT scan. When reports came, there were lots of black dots, which the doctor doubted could be an infection, so he again gave antibiotic injections, which made him weak, and he became entirely dependent on his family.

After seeing his condition worsen, his family stopped giving him antibiotics and took him home. He started feeling better and started walking again. He soon joined his job back and got an infection back. A CT scan was done, and doctors said he would survive only for 18 months.

Doctors started his chemo, and he was hospitalized for a week, but then his family was discharged and took him home, telling the doctors that they would bring him to the hospital on his chemotherapy days. After taking him home, his family was not taking much care of him, and he was not getting enough comfort to recover, so he started getting many complications and left for his heavenly abode.

Parting Message:

In both cases, both patients had the same cancer, and both took the same treatment for that, and neither of them had any financial crises, but one survived for two years and the other just for 4-5 months when even doctors said that he could survive for 18 months. It's only because of family support; one had positive vibes and support from his family while others had negative vibes, which is why I and even all say family support matters.

Give your loved ones positive vibes, support them mentally, and make them mentally strong.

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