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SALONI CHAWLA (Cancer Caregiver)

SALONI CHAWLA (Cancer Caregiver)

Im a certified meditation counsellor, spiritual healer and physiotherapist.I also started my personal NGO Let Us Heal with free meditation and counselling for cancer caregivers and survivors.I try to provide free mental support to people because i feel if u have someone to keep u positive during your toughest times , then you get some power to get up and fight. 

I had been into meditation ever since I was in 7th or 8th grade. It made me see miraculous things in peoples lives. The purpose I am to serve by bringing spiritual healing to the forefront is for people to know that our mind is the epicentre of everything. One can heal their body via their mind. I have had clients who are testament to it. Our body even responds to the words we use for ourselves. I wanted to share this knowledge with other people as well. When I was a child, I would use my mind power to manifest the marks I wanted in each exam and get those every time. Many of my clients are cancer patients too, and I strongly believe that along with chemotherapy, radiation, medication, etc., another highly essential aspect is meditation, healing, and positivity. It is important to consider how our energy, healing, and mind help promote our health and life. 

I am a firm believer in you becoming what you think, as Lord Buddha would say. I feel your body responds when you start thinking positively. In the case of many cancer patients, I have seen that they have been immensely hurt in their childhood. I have had a client whose childhood was filled with negativity, negligence and resentment. She wanted to let go of those but was not able to. It was overlapping in her subconscious mind. Once we start releasing the negativity from our minds, I firmly believe that our body starts healing. However, once we start thinking negatively about ourselves, our body responds similarly. I often say that people who lack self-love end up suffering more than those who dont.

Our body is made up of fifty trillion cells. As we start repeating, I want to be happy, our body starts responding in the same way. However, it might get to them if one says they might get cancer as it spreads extremely fast. The body has heard the word cancer, and it understands the vibrations and energy. In quantum physics, everything around us is energy, and there have been several researches on this. Whenever we think of something, it will release some energy in the universe. If we say- I am healthy, happy and beautiful, those words are released in the universe and attract us. The same happens when we use negative terms for ourselves. I have observed this in my clients grappling with depression. It all boils down to how we start our journey to heal ourselves, as only we can make efforts to heal ourselves. Once you start meditating, you will start seeing magical results.

My client had esophageal cancer and a platelet count of 50,000, which would not go up. She would often complain of that and fear that she might die one day because of it. As I started counselling her, her platelets started shooting up, and after a month, she had a platelet count of 1,00,000. It all zeroes down to the reprogramming of the mind. Another crucial aspect I want to bring is water therapy. It emphasises making our water pure. We have often heard that some people pray on their water or bring back water from holy places like Gurudwaras. I implement a simple technique of charging my water every night by simply repeating, you are the best medicine of this world. This is helpful as water as its memory, and it stores whatever we think or say while drinking it, thus manifesting it for ourselves. I asked my client, struggling with a low platelet count, to repeat my platelets will rise from 50,000 to 1,00,000 to her water, and it did show results. It is often said in Hindi- jaisa ann vaisa mann and jaisi vaani vaisa paani. The former and latter translate to the impact the food you eat and the water you drink has on you, considering what vibrations you consume. Thus, charging our food and water with positive vibrations has a tremendous impact. 

People go for so many methods of energy therapies such as reiki, but what they do not realize is that we can help ourselves in that matter too. We can be our healers too. It can be done purely by just reaching our hands out to the universe and getting the energy. The issue arises when people start becoming a firm believer in whatever is happening to them due to their bad karmas, without realizing that they are the only ones who can fix their bad karmas. I truly believe whenever we rub our palms together and put them on our temples, eyes, or any part of the body, it will start to heal. This technique was implemented on my father, whos been grappling with depression and is even on antidepressants. I would rub my hands and release that heat on temples while releasing positive vibrations and energy throughout. Gradually, he started sleeping, as he was struggling with insomnia. He started feeling better, and the consumption of antidepressants has also gone down.

It is said that our bodies listen to what we say. I observed this again in the case of a client who had a bacterial infection in her abdomen. After almost two weeks of repeating, go away from my body, it isnt the place for you to her illness; the infection went away and that too sans any antibiotics. My purpose is to teach cancer survivors and those currently fighting cancer about this and share my knowledge with them. I want them to know that they can manifest miraculous results for their health by simply bringing about positive vibrations and energy. It is necessary to understand that cancer is just a fear signal.

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