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Ruchi Mitra (Breast Cancer Survivor): Don’t Panic

Ruchi Mitra (Breast Cancer Survivor): Don’t Panic

I am Ruchi Mitra, and I am a triple-negative Breast Cancer survivor. This is my cancer journey.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with triple-negative Breast Cancer in 2016 and was classified as a stage 2A Breast Cancer patient. I had my lumpectomy, and my PET scan results showed that my cancer had metastasized to my bones, lungs and groin. The Oncologist told me that I would have six months to live, and if I underwent chemotherapy, he could extend it by six more months, but there was no guarantee.

Breast Cancer Treatment

It was one of the lowest points of my life when the doctor gave me just six months to live. I preferred quality of life more than the quantity of life and therefore opted out of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. I did a lot of research and decided to take a more natural and alternative approach rather than going with the conventional approach of taking Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. I researched a lot on cancer, its causes and why it had occurred. I found out that about 90% of cancer cases were due to lifestyle habits, and the rest due to genetic reasons. I did my genetic testing to confirm whether my Breast Cancer was due to genetic reasons and found out that it was not. Therefore, I confirmed that my Breast Cancer had occurred due to my lifestyle habits and inferred that if I changed my lifestyle, I could heal and prolong my life, if not completely cure the cancer. And I'm proud to say that I was successful in my approach and could successfully heal myself.

Lifestyle Habits

I completely avoided dairy products, wheat, and sugar and mainly consumed a lot of raw food and juices. I also started practicing Yoga and meditation, and all these measures saved me. It took me almost a year of diligent work, strictly following all these measures, to have finally healed myself of cancer. By following such a healthy lifestyle, I was able to remove the toxins from my body and cleanse myself.

Parting Message

I want to urge everybody not to panic when they hear the word cancer because cancer is not a death sentence. And in cases where it can't be cured, your life can be prolonged. With discipline and determination, and by following a healthy lifestyle, including doing Pranayama and other Yoga techniques, cancer can be held under check. So, my only advice to cancer patients is to be careful of what they are putting into their body, what they put into their minds, and the outcome will surprise you.

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