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Ruchi Dilbagi (Breast Cancer)

Ruchi Dilbagi (Breast Cancer)

Detection/Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

I'm a working professional, and a gynecologist's daughter. Therefore, I've been taught how to self-examine a breast. So, in December 2012, I detectedBreast Cancersymptoms. That is to say that I felt a small lump in my right breast.

I must say that I ignored the signs ofBreast Cancerfor some time, due to the pressure at work at that point of time. I wanted to push the real battle againstBreast Cancerat least until April 2013.

I did consult another gynecologist. She helped me with oral administration; I took tablets for three months. At the beginning of March 2013, I revisited my doctor. Unfortunately, the lump had not improved. She immediately recommended me an oncologist.

However, the financial year-end was approaching, and work pressure was increasing. I delayed my visit to the oncologist by a month.

So, in April 2013 the onco surgeon advised me some tests, including FNAC. This FNAC report came positive. Therefore, I had to undergoSurgerywithin 24 hours.

Treatment of my Breast Cancer

Let me tell you that since the detection of my breast cancer, I aspired to be aBreast Cancersurvivor. I feel great that I'm able share myBreast Cancersurvivor story, instead of succumbing to the disease.

After the surgery, I was referred to two other oncologists forChemotherapyand radiation. I took six chemo cycles followed by 38 radiations.

You'd be pleased to know that I completed myBreast Cancertreatments while still being a working professional. My employer had been very collaborative and supportive during the nine months of myBreast Cancertreatment.

Whenever required, I could avail the work from home facility. Also, I could work from a branch closer to my house (yes, I'm professionally from the Insurance Industry).

Support during my Breast Cancer

Breast cancer as a disease is not as painful as theBreast Cancertreatment. The treatment ofBreast Cancerdrains you completely. Therefore, supportive workplace environment and family play instrumental roles in the healing process. Those who encourage you to believe in medical science, also ask you to have hope towards cancer survival.

My friends always used to call up and motivate me. Also, my father ensured that I consumed good and healthy food. My father assumed the roles of both my parents simultaneously. I would also walk for at least 5 km daily.

I must say that my strongest foundation to become aBreast Cancersurvivor, was my work. My work kept me alive from within. It lifted my spirit constantly. Spending the entire day at my workplace made me forget myPain. I had the feelings of a youngBreast Cancersurvivor.

Be empathetic, not sympathetic towards Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors

A cancer orBreast Cancerpatient actually does not require anyone's sympathy. So, cancer caregivers should be empathetic, not sympathetic. Instead of showing pity or sympathy, caregivers and/or community should encourage the cancer patient. Empathy is often, more helpful than sympathy.

Caregivers have a bigger role to play than simply offering care and ensuring comfort. They should protect the cancer patient from feeling isolated. Maybe they could arrange some simple yet productive activities for the cancer patient. This is to just keep them engaged in something or the other. Such activities could include reading, working, cooking, indoor games, or any other hobbies that they like.

Light exercises are really recommended. If exercising is not possible daily, at least maintain walking at moderate speed.

Life as a YoungBreast CancerSurvivor

My life has taken an entirely new course since myBreast Cancer. I started respecting and worshiping my body more than ever before. Now, my priorities include maintaining a healthy wellbeing and doingYogaregularly. I now eat healthy food, and that too in time. I do not exert myself unless necessary.

I began looking at the brighter side of things. For example, when I had list my hair due to chemo: I told myself that I am saving a lot of money by not having to spend on shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, haircuts, waxing etc.

BreastCancer Treatmenttakes such a prolonged duration, that it changes your perspective on life. You actually start valuing each and every moment of the gift of life. You start living and enjoying every moment.

I don't think I am just aBreast Cancersurvivor. I am a thriver.

Parting Message

Cancer patients should not take to bed, but always keep themselves busy or engaged in some or other activity. Practice exercise,Yogaand meditation, because they help greatly in the healing process. My parting message for cancer caregivers is to be empathetic with patients; not sympathetic.

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