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Robin (Germ cell tumor)

Robin (Germ cell tumor)

It sounds like a beautiful journey from meeting to marriage! It's heartwarming to hear about the growth of your relationship over time and the decision to take the next step together. What a joyous occasion it must have been to have your parents' blessings and set a date for your wedding.

About 2 months before our scheduled marriage date, Robin was diagnosed with mediastinal germ cell tumor. We were taken aback at this sudden turn of events, just near to our wedding. As per the doctor's advice, Robin underwent Surgery to remove the mediastinal germ cell tumor. The Biopsy report concluded that the mediastinal germ cell tumor is benign. This was a comforting assurance for us.

The aftermath of the Surgery was an event free one. We were getting back to our normal lives. But our friends circle and relatives suggested cancelling the marriage, since many of them felt that health issues could crop up in future. Brushing aside their concerns, we stood our ground and decided to go ahead and in March 2018, we entered into wedlock.

After marriage, Robin's regular follow up visits to the Doctors and prescribed tests were done regularly. The test reports appeared normal and therefore, were not a cause of concern. After 2 months of our marriage, Robin complained of recurring Pain on the left side. While the doctors to undergo further tests to study the condition, Robin wanted to postpone the tests since he had already booked the honeymoon tickets to Thailand.

After giving it a thought, we decided to postpone our Honeymoon trip. The test results took 20 days to arrive. The reports concluded that the Cancer was malignant and had spread. Still, the doctors suggested it was not a worrisome issue and that it could be cured. We were stunned that the tests conducted between a short time span were displaying diametrically different results.

The misleading reports were confusing us. But we went in for Chemotherapy sessions, as per the Doctors' advice. The tests carried out concluded that it was indeed Cancer.

All this while, Robin never let go of hope and did not show worry on his face even for a single time. Usually, it is the patient who needs motivation and emotional support. But here, the roles were reversed. He always made me laugh in those difficult times and never shed a single tear from his eyes. His faith in the Almighty helped him mentally tide over this crisis.

Due to the Cancer Treatment and ensuing hospitalization, Robin's business took a backseat. Robin concentrated on his business. In midst of all this, we spent quality time together. Even after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, the further tests showed that the cancer had re occurred. Repeated assurances by the doctors always kindled hope in us of a recovery. We opted for alternative medical treatment in the form of Ayurveda and were hopeful of a cure through this traditional form of medicine.

While there were multiple days and nights spent in hospital in anxiety, Robin was always confident of being cured. He was always calm and composed all this while. Even while in excruciating pain, he never showed it on his face and behavior. As I wanted to study further, he always supported me and ensured that I continued my studies during this time. He also took time for us to go out on small outings.

Although the symptoms of Cancer became more visible, Robin never gave up hope and was always ensuring positivity in our thought process. He was also going about his work on some film projects in the past few months. However, he suffered brain haemorrhage afterwards and slipped into Coma. He left his bodily form in October 2019, 18 months after our marriage.

Though he has passed on, his thoughts and virtues will always be imbibed with me. His positivity, strong will power shall forever remain etched in my memory. During this wonderful journey with Robin, I have realised that we should always value the time we all have left in this world. Why spend precious time in tears, when things sometimes are beyond our control. Rather, spend the together moments in joy and laughter, before it is too late. Living life heartily in difficult times was something we usually read in books and see in movies, but I had the fortune of realising this in my journey with Robin.

When there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it. Albert Camus I have realised the meaning of this quote in my time with Robin.

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