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Simple Lifestyles Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Simple Lifestyles Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

To be diagnosed with cancer might be the scariest thing. People know too little about cancer, cancer care treatment, cancer symptoms, or even types of cancer and lifestyle risks for cancer. This lack of information fuels their fear even further.

Every year there are millions of cases of cancer. Not only is this medical problem tragic for the patient, but it also hits their families.

In our day-to-day lives, we can do so much every day to prevent cancer. From changing our diet to adding physical activity to our schedule, small changes in our lifestyle can help reduce the chances of getting cancer. Several studies over the years have shown a significant impact of regular physical activity on cancer risk in individuals. As such, experts and scientists agree on the need to remain physically active throughout one's life to maintain a healthy body that can fight and prevent cancer.

Simple Lifestyles  Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

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What kind of changes?

  • Adjusting your diet- Your diet affects how your body functions. You must avoid processed food items and processed meat. Eating Nuts like walnuts, apricots, and almonds (an ounce daily) helps reduce the risk of Breast Cancer symptoms, Ovarian Cancer symptoms, and other types of cancer. Consuming wholegrain and other fiber-rich foods helps reduce the chances of having Colorectal Cancer.
  • Staying away from tobacco- Nicotine is dangerous for your health. Did you know that nicotine can cause various types of cancer? It can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, larynx cancer, etc. You'd require the best cancer treatment to undo the effect of nicotine.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight- Obesity will indefinitely increase your chances of having cancer. Sustaining your body weight makes sure that you do regular exercise. Push yourself to engage in moderate physical activities regularly.

Why focus on physical activities?

The advent of new technology has converted us into sedentary beings. We drive to work, sit at the office for long hours, and come back to sit and watch TV. If you're looking to combat cancer and give it a good fight, this lifestyle won't cut it.

Physical activities are known to reduce the chances of having post/premenopausal Breast Cancer symptoms. Long-term studies have shown that women who engage in physical activity and exercise have a 30-40% lower risk for breast cancer. Similarly, regular physical activity has been shown to reduce 40-50% risk of having Colon Cancer.

Physical activity can reduce 13 different types of cancer. Surprising? Well, it's true. The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute held studies and concluded that regular exercise has an impressive impact.

For those who may have hereditary chances of having cancer, diet and metabolic counseling for cancer is the way to go. Consult an integrative oncology doctor or specialist to understand the levels of physical activity you're expected to perform.

What type of physical activity should you perform?

This can vary depending on your age and situation. lifestyle risks for cancer If you're a teen or a pre-teen, you should go out and play regularly, avoid watching too much TV, give minimum time to any screen, and participate in sports. Doing this much every day can easily save you from 13 different types of cancer risks.

It is difficult for working adults to find the time to engage in physical exercise. There are certain tips you can follow:-

  • Go for a morning jog-It doesn't take too much time. You can run for 15-20 minutes every day and do your part. All you'll have to do is get up half an hour earlier than you already do. Jogging or running is the perfect physical activity to ward off cancer.
  • Try Yoga-Yoga has a plethora of health benefits. In all honesty, there is no research to support that yoga helps reduce cancer risk. However, yoga helps reduce sleep problems, anxiety, depression, indigestion, etc. All these combine to add to a healthy lifestyle. The better you feel mentally, the more you can push yourself physically.
  • The little things matter- Instead of sitting on a chair throughout your lunch break, take a stroll after you're done eating. Go for night walks or morning walks. Instead of ordering in, you can prepare the food yourself. Find excuses to get up from your chair or your comfy sofa. Keep moving.

Cancer survivors or those fighting cancer need to keep doing one or the other kind of physical activity. Physical activity isn't just part of preventive care, but also rehabilitative care. This will benefit them in various ways:-

  • Overcoming anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental fatigue
  • Regaining bone health
  • Feeling better and having higher self-esteem
  • Regaining control over your body and life
  • Increase in confidence

Simple Lifestyles  Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk

No excuse is good enough in the face of cancer. To avoid lifestyle risks for cancer We're capable of fighting and winning this battle by maintaining a regular practice. Let's give cancer a good run for its money. Let's exercise daily, be cautious with what we eat, and have a positive outlook. and have a better lifestyle.

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