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Rashi Kapoor (Sarcoma Survivor)

Rashi Kapoor (Sarcoma Survivor)

About me

In 2012 I was diagnosed with one type of cancer and in 2016 I was again diagnosed with a different type of cancer. I had pain and swelling in my right knee. I visited multiple hospitals but couldnt get treated. Finally in one hospital the team did a biopsy and found that it was Synovial Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer, and very few people know about it.

I was in emotional trauma. I had two young children at home. I met my doctor and he suggested that I go through Chemotherapy and Radiation. After that I had a surgery where they put a rod in my right leg. So, I cant bend that leg now.

This journey was hard. But it has made me humble. I learned to value small things in life. 

At that time I had no support, so I and some other Sarcoma patients came together and formed a support group for cancer patients.


Treatment is long and financially draining. Initially the patient is in depression thinking what mistakes I made. I was following a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, no drinking, I found it very hard to accept that I had cancer. I have not been a voracious reader otherwise, but during my treatment, I had to sit at home, so I read many positive thinking books which helped me accept the truth and keep moving.

I used to watch the Kapil Sharma show ( comedy show). I suggest everyone dont try to talk about the disease, not even to your family members. Engage yourself in good hobbies like gardening or any other type of creative activity. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, meditation - all this helped to get me moving. 

A message!

Doctors do a wonderful job, family supports you well, but at the end its your will power which does the 50% of the job. Your courage, your willingness to move on, is what helps you cure, it helps treatments work.

We should be a part of a support group. Talking to someone who is undergoing the same problems helps you feel better.

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