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Ranjini (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Ranjini (Breast Cancer Survivor)

From “few months to live” to “defeating last stage cancer”, learn how 28-year old Ranjini surprised the world by defeating last stage triple-negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in India, with one new woman being diagnosed every 4 minutes. If detected early, breast cancer can be defeated with high 90%+ survival rates. However, when detected late, the survival rates decline.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Ranjini was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. She was undertaking advanced chemotherapy. Soon after a few cycles, she was told that she had only a few more months to live. In spite of hearing this, she did not lose hope. She and her husband sundar went to all ends of the world to discover ways to save her. He recollected that his friend Dimple had also gone through a similar cancer journey a few years ago and was currently guiding patients in their journey. When he connected, he got introduced to Integrative Oncology, which combined medical treatment with complementary treatment to increase clinical efficacy while minimizing side effects. He didn’t believe in it at first. But with no option left, he decided to go ahead with it.

Breast Cancer Treatment

We at connected Ranjini with a wellness coach, an anti-cancer nutrition expert, a medical cannabis advisor, and a cancer Ayurveda expert. These four experts consulted Ranjini along with their existing medical team of doctors to arrive at an integrative treatment plan that combined the best of all worlds together. We all prayed for her recovery.

Soon, after few months of taking the treatment, she is now free from cancer. Her recent scans show no signs of cancer. This is truly a proud moment for the entire and the Love Heals Cancer family since we have been able to achieve our vision of “Saving lives from Cancer”.

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  1. Myself going through last stage triple negative breast cancer….where pain is not letting me even think…. still fight is on

    • We hope you find the right treatment and support system! Everyone at is praying for your speedy recovery. If at all you need any help please get in touch with us.


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