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Rajendra Gupta (Caregiver to Colorectal Cancer Survivor)

Rajendra Gupta (Caregiver to Colorectal Cancer Survivor)

I am Rajendra Gupta. My wife has colorectal cancer. I am her caregiver. Now my wife is cancer-free. During this whole cancer journey, we realized that there is a lot of misconception about cancer among people. People feel ashamed about discussing colostomy cancer in public. We want to educate people that it is like any other cancer, and we should not feel embarrassed about it. With proper knowledge and treatment, cancer can be cured. I have been a member of the Ostomy Association of India for three years. My wife and I are working together through this association to spread awareness among people.

How it began

It started with constipation. My wife had piles also. All of a sudden, she experienced blood in her stool. Initially, she took it casually, but when it continued for a few days, we took her to the doctor.

The doctor performed a colonoscopy. My wife was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Our world changed in an instant. She got scared for her life as soon as she learned that she had colorectal cancer. It came to us as a big shock because she is a pure vegetarian and follows a routine life.

Emotional setback

Cancer has been projected as a life sentence. As soon as we hear about it, we get scared. When my wife's cancer was diagnosed, we were also highly disappointed. We have two sons. They were so young at that time. Once we had gone to see a doctor, my son was preparing roti at home. His hand got burnt in the process of making. When we came home, we felt terrible. Nobody was there to take care of them. I was busy taking care of my wife, visiting doctors etc. We assume that as a bad dream and feel grateful that we have overcome that phase.

Treatment and side effects

After my wife's diagnosis, we were nervous and scared, knowing that her life was in danger, so I knew that I needed to be in good hands to get through this. We decided to get the treatment done from Mumbai as many people had recommended it.

Getting the best doctor and best treatment are the most crucial things in cancer treatment. My wife was assigned to a surgical oncologist due to her diagnosis, and looking back now, we think how lucky we were that we got an experienced doctor. Not only was he the most professional and able to handle my wife's case, but he was so encouraging and repeatedly reassured us that there was hope, knowing we were scared. The doctor suggested we relax and have a positive and faithful mindset.

My wife went through a series of pre-admission tests and procedures before surgery.

As a part of treatment, she went through surgery and then 30 rounds of radiation therapy and 12 cycles of chemotherapy. The treatment and its side effects were harrowing, but we take it as a bad dream. We feel blessed that she is cancer-free now.

Lifestyle changes

My wife has made several changes in her lifestyle. She takes a proper diet as suggested by her dietician. She has also made yoga and meditation part of her daily routine. I believe that cancer can happen to anybody, but we can control it by adopting a proper lifestyle.


Cancer is a curable disease. We should take immediate action once diagnosed with it. Getting an experienced doctor is also a crucial point in treatment. And will power of the patient works like a miracle in curing cancer.

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