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MediZen Lung Onco Care | Herbal Antioxidant Support for Lung Cancer | Advanced Lung Health Formula | 30 Tablets

MediZen Lung Onco Care | Herbal Antioxidant Support for Lung Cancer | Advanced Lung Health Formula | 30 Tablets

MediZen Lung Onco Care: Enhanced Lung Cancer Support

4.8 (12)
Quantity: 30 Tablets
  • Cancer-specific Medicine
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Side effect management
MRP: 4999


MediZen Lung Onco Care 1000mg is specifically formulated to address the challenges faced by lung cancer patients. This supplement stands as a key ally in the lung cancer journey, offering targeted support and enhancing overall treatment efficacy.

Key Aspects of MediZen Lung Onco Care:

  1. Focus on Lung Cancer Needs: Designed to meet the specific requirements of lung cancer patients, focusing on symptom management and overall health improvement.

  2. Comprehensive Ingredient Blend: Contains a synergistic mix of natural components known for their potential benefits in lung health and cancer care.

  3. Synergy with Traditional Treatments: Complements conventional lung cancer treatments, working to enhance their effectiveness and reduce side effects.

  4. Holistic Health Approach: Aims to improve not just physical symptoms but also overall well-being, recognizing the complex nature of lung cancer care.

Choosing MediZen Lung Onco Care means opting for a supplement tailored for lung cancer, designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment journey. It's an integral part of a holistic cancer care strategy, helping patients navigate the challenges of lung cancer with greater resilience and well-being.

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MediZen Lung Onco Care Benefits

Lung Cancer Support

Specially formulated for lung cancer patients during and after treatment


  • Consume 1-3 tablets daily after meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • Adhatoda vasaka (Leaf): Aids in lung cancer through its respiratory benefits


AYUSH Approved

Why Choose MediZen Lung Onco Care?

  1. Tailored Lung Cancer Formula: MediZen Lung Onco Care is meticulously formulated for lung cancer patients, focusing on specific challenges and needs.
  2. 1000mg High-Dosage Impact: Each 1000mg dose is packed with carefully chosen ingredients to maximize therapeutic impact for lung health.
  3. Advanced Ingredient Combination: A blend of potent natural substances, including curcumin and ashwagandha, targets lung cancer symptoms and supports overall health.
  4. AYUSH and FSSAI Certified: Produced under rigorous quality control, assuring safety and efficacy.
  5. Convenient Tablet Delivery: Easy-to-administer tablets streamline integration into daily cancer care routines.
  6. Holistic Health Enhancement: Aims to improve not just lung cancer symptoms but also general well-being and quality of life.
  7. Endorsed by Health Experts: Trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals for effective lung cancer support.

Clinical research on Lung Cancer Ayurveda


Ratings & Reviews


12 review

30th Nov, -0001
Used it for a while now and I feel I am better and healthier now. Feeling good and strong from inside
30th Nov, -0001
Very satisfactory results.
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