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Prem Sarupa Gupta (Caregiver – Breast Cancer) Be Positive and Calm

Prem Sarupa Gupta (Caregiver – Breast Cancer) Be Positive and Calm


In September 2020, my wife, Kumuth Gupta, who was serving as a caregiver for a breast cancer patient, discovered a lump on her right breast. She did not experience any pain at the time. Upon learning of this, I promptly took her to the hospital. After a thorough examination, the doctor recommended Nanography, PET, and YSC tests for further evaluation.

The results revealed that she was having triple-negative breast cancer. But luckily it was in the early first stage.


After reviewing the test results, the doctor recommended surgery for her. Without delay, I arranged for the operation within a week. During the surgery, the doctors removed the tumor and concluded that there was no need to remove the breast. Following the operation, she underwent 12 cycles of chemotherapy. Additionally, due to the nature of her triple-negative breast cancer, the doctors advised radiation therapy. She completed 20 cycles of radiation treatment.

Side effects

She was very strong during her chemotherapy sessions and apart from regular side effects she did not feel much changes to her health. But the radiation has taken toil over her. She was very weak and felt shivers and numbness throughout her body. In order to curb it the doctors have prescribed a few vitamins and proteins intake to her.

Apart from this, she was feeling sleepy and nauseous.

Familys reaction

Initially, the news was very shocking to all of us. We all were tense and scared. But later after consulting the doctors I understood that it was curable. 

Parting message

I want to say that we should just stay positive and have a strong will power during the whole treatment. We should try and make the patient calm and instill in them the belief that everything will be fine with time.

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