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Praveen & Vrinda (Leukemia): Fighting Destiny With Hope

Praveen & Vrinda (Leukemia): Fighting Destiny With Hope

My husband was diagnosed with T-cell acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September 2011. He initially experienced sudden discomfort and thought it was a regular ache. But he developed fever and lymph node swelling in his underarms. The doctor, after the CBC test at the diagnostic center, sensed something was amiss and immediately recommended a Biopsy.

The moment we heard of the biopsy, our hearts sank, and we got worried. It was then that we went to Mumbai and found that my husband's cancer was at a very initial stage. Our doctor assured us that we were lucky to have diagnosed the illness at such an early stage, and there is nothing dangerous yet. We returned to Jaipur with a complete list of the dos and don'ts. The doctor explained to us the protocol of how to prevent a relapse. Whenever needed, we would go for regular checkups and follow-up sessions with the doctors across cities. My husband underwent regular Chemotherapy sessions for around a month and a half when we realized he is suffering from occasional sudden fits. The tests at the neurosurgeon's revealed that my husband's fits were a side effect on the injection that they were using. He was in a coma for approximately three to four days, and the injection use was stopped.

Everything was perfect until August 2015. We regularly visited the doctors and wnt for CBC tests, weekly or monthly, as suggested to us. However, we experienced a relapse, and the doctors advised a cell transplant. Finding the correct transplant hospital was a significant challenge when we searched all of Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur but failed.

Finally, we went to Calcutta for the surgery, and my brother-in-law donated cells. It is remarkably rare to find such a match, and we clung dearly to hope. Deven bhaiya was also with us in our whole journey. The operation was successful, and my husband's treatment went on for two to three months. I was by my husband's side, right from the beginning to the end. Destiny's final strike was another relapse when my husband needed to undergo a cell transplant again. This time, it was my 13-year-old son, who was the doner. The doctors said that there is very little hope, 1 to 2%. But my husband remained positive. We felt we could be a part of miracles. My husband assured me that he would return safely. He had always been a pillar of courage and strength who had no fears.

One message that I would like to give to all cancer fighters is that they must not rely on doctors with closed eyes. Every doctor will suggest the best treatment for you, but you must not be dependent solely on allopathy medicines. The transition period from the Chemotherapy sessions to the oral medicines stage is crucial. It would help if you explored multiple options of treatment. There are several options, such as yoga, homeopathy, Ayurveda, and more. What you need to do is find the best treatment according to your body type.

Every cancer fighter has a different body. What suits one may not suit another. After all, one size does not fit everyone. It is imperative to have a guiding hand who is aware of such nitty-gritty. The ideal way to understand this is by reaching out to whoever you can. Find people who have had similar experiences and suffering. Always keep your options open because allopathy provides short-term relief, but, on the other hand, Homeopathy is slow and steady. Though the effects take longer to show, I feel that they are more long-lasting. The best approach is to imbibe a combination. Integrative oncology is a branch that you must research and understand better

My husband's cancer T-cell acute lymphoblastic Leukemia was detected at an extremely early stage. But, I have heard of innumerable cases where patients are diagnosed in the last stage and continue to live a perfect life after proper treatment. The right treatment method is essential. Most cancer fighters and survivors will tell you of a range of consecutive remedies that they have opted for. The caregivers must also do independent research and find solutions

My husband left on a heavenly abode, but his positivity continues to inspire me. And I wish to motivate every other individual. My husband represented joyfulness, a cheerful attitude, and an energetic zeal. He never let me lose myself for even a moment, and that is precisely what I want others to follow too. We tried everything that we could, and that gives me immense pleasure to know that we left no stone unturned.

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