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Neha Jain (Breast Cancer Caregiver)

Neha Jain (Breast Cancer Caregiver)

Initial Symptoms and Detection of Breast Cancer

It was in 2012 when my mother's breast cancer was first detected and she was already in her third stage. She didn't notice any symptoms earlier. She had pain in her right breast for 2-3 days but didn't inform anybody. When she informed my father he took her to hospital. The doctor saw some lumps in my mother's breast but couldn't tell what it was exactly. So, we were suggested to go for a biopsy and when the results came out, it occurred to be Breast Cancer.

My Mother's Battle with Breast Cancer:

We went to a small town called Bhilai (our home town) in Chattisgarh to show the doctors and they informed us that her maximum life span would be three to five years. We lost our hope. I brought my mother to Pune and there we met a doctor called Dr. Shona Nag in Jehangir Hospital, Pune.

Initially, she recommended PET Scan and a few other tests. Her Estrogen Receptor came out to be triple negative. We started with the medication hoping for the best. People recommended various alternative treatments and medications but we stuck to the treatment and didn't miss a single medicine ever.

We then consulted an oncologist who told us that they'd have to remove the right breast immediately. After surgery, she was admitted to the hospital for 3-4 days. We did the PET scan and started the treatment the next day. We even tried the Ayurvedic treatment without stopping the allopathy treatment.

In 2012, She initially went for chemotherapy. Then there was some injection that had to be applied to her spine every week for about 5-6 weeks. After a while, when the injections were over, doctors recommended going for radiation. She went back to Bhilai and from there, she took the radiation. And then in October, she came again to Pune for a check-up. 

So, by August 2012 she was okay and radiation, injections and everything was over. 

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Second Encounter with Breast Cancer:

Again in March 2016, she complained of blurred vision. We consulted with the same doctor again but she could not find any problem and suggested that we should go for an eye checkup.

So, every 10 days, they had to test the liquid from her spine to see whether the counts in the report were negative or positive. Initially, for 4-5 w the counts were positive.

Love Has the Immense Power to Heal Everything

First of all, I will say that cancer does not involve just the affected person, it affects the whole family. Family is also involved in the whole treatment and healing process. They have to be mentally strong to make the patient feel positive and only then they can help them overcome this illness.

My Mother's Battle Was My Battle:

I made her do yoga, dance and do the drawings along with Me. I tried to deviate her mind from these activities. I tried to motivate her by saying that everyone faces some problems in their lives and there are always ways to overcome every situation. Whatever situation comes, we have to face that situation and we will overcome it one day.

Most importantly, my family supported me a lot. My husband, my mother, and everyone supported me a lot. Everyone took care of her. We were together and we never cried or got disappointed in front of her. I kept her occupied every time. I gave her a mobile so that she could play Candy Crush, gave her to draw something, watch something, or do whatever she wanted to do.

She never expressed her sorrow and was always happy till the last moment. We did everything that could have been done. And now there is not a single day wherein I don't miss her. 

Side Effects/Challenges

My mother was not used to taking medicine. Whenever she did, she used to vomit. So, the doctors tried to lower the use of medicine as much as they could but she had to eventually take the medicines.

Since it was summer and very hot, I focused more on the fruits and the liquid diet, gur, a lot of Pudina, cucumber juice, salad, coconut water, pomegranate juice, and soup. Due to Chemo her RBC and hemoglobin level used to drop.

And the side effects were not the same. Sometimes, she used to have constipation because of her medicines. We always tried the home remedies because she didn't want to take any more medicines.

Parting Message:

The most important thing is being alive. So, one should not delay in taking treatment. Precaution is better than cure, so regular health checkup is a must.

Don't worry about the future, whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Focus on today and think positive. Be strong and be confident. Stay happy and self-motivated. Ignore the negative thoughts and try not to blindly follow your doctors' opinions.

For all the family members, you need to be very positive, and supportive.

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