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Nandini Sen (Lymphoma Patient Caregiver)

Nandini Sen (Lymphoma Patient Caregiver)

Lymphoma Patient Stories Diagnosis:

Nandini Sen shares Lymphoma patient stories as a caregiver and daughter. Her Lymphoma patient stories start with that of her father's. In 1989, he discovered two lumps under his armpit. He underwent an operation. After the Biopsy was done, the lumps were reported to be malignant.

Lymphoma Diagnosis Stories and Treatment:

After his Lymphoma diagnosis stories ended, his treatment for the disease started. It began with Chemotherapy and radiation. Due to this treatment, he again came back to normal.

Life was Normal indeed.

After his Lymphoma diagnosis and treatment, life returned to normal. My father was a very well-known doctor in Calcutta. He treated resumed seeing his patients. Dad got consistent with his hard work; he also had a very positive approach to life. You'll be pleased to know that he lived his life to the fullest.

Things were was going fine. In 2006, we were shocked to know that his cancer relapsed. This time, the tumor had spread to his spinal cord. Dad underwent an operation and was again given chemo and radio therapy.

Due to such heavy doses of Lymphoma treatment, he lost his ability to walk. Soon, his cancer cells spread very quickly throughout his body. Following that, he passed away.

Parting Message in Lymphoma Patient Stories and Caregivers:

One word of advice from a humble Lymphoma patient caregiver telling her story:

Medical examination is crucial.

Everyone should ensure a medical check-up from time to time. If you discover any symptoms, then conduct a medical examination early. Do not delay the Cancer Treatment process.

Once any type of cancer is detected, follow a plant-based diet. Vegan foods help you to lead a longer life. So, try to have a healthy diet

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