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Mahendrabhai (Pancreatic Cancer): Begin Valuing Things You Have

Mahendrabhai (Pancreatic Cancer): Begin Valuing Things You Have

We were carrying on with an ordinary life, and the things that unfurled created an emptiness that could never be filled. The most significant thing in a disease such as cancer is time, and for my dad lamentably, we couldn't discover it at the appropriate time.


Everything began with gastric issues, and later it likewise brought about massive constipation. He couldn't digest food, and his body temperature was also rising. So we counselled the specialist, and he directed sonography and conceded him for three days. Everything got normal after three days of treatment. Things began to decline in the following week. This time we counselled another specialist, and he disclosed to us that there was an issue in his pancreas, and the problem might be enormous or little. Indeed, even he was uncertain of that. He made us do a few tests to clear the uncertainty, Unfortunately for us, it was Pancreatic Cancer.

After the test, it was guaranteed that the infection he was enduring was Pancreatic Cancer. It came as a shock to us because, for an extremely significant time frame, we had been in confusion about the infection. We couldn't perceive the pancreatic disease symptoms, and now it had arrived and that too at its last stage. Something that came as an astonishment to us was that my dad used to live a very healthy lifestyle; however, the things that are bound to happen will occur.


We began the treatment, and after one chemotherapy, he was reacting very well. It gave us a ton of hope that we can still accomplish something. My dad was additionally feeling very propelled after undergoing not many days of treatment; however, tables turned rapidly, and we needed to confront a lot of shocks in transit. Not long before the second session of chemotherapy, my dad began facing a few issues, and the doctor said that the second round couldn't be directed, as his body was responding contrary to the treatment. After that, my dad survived just a couple of days. On 3 August 2019, it was analyzed, and on 2 September 2019, my dad passed on. The most concerning issue we confronted with the pancreatic malignant growth sickness was that before we could do anything, it was already too late.


This phase gave me learnings that have transformed me as an individual. Presently I am ready to acknowledge and welcome the significance of even minor things. I am proud to be the daughter of a person like my dad. He used to illuminate the mood of wherever he was through his conduct. He used to help every individual who was out of luck. The pancreatic disease has taken an explanation of my bliss and pride.

Parting Message:

Life is loaded with vulnerabilities, and more often than not, what unfurls before you are things you have never envisioned. Many individuals do not like being in their homes during this lockdown since they can't move out of their homes to do things that they used to do. I need to request every one of these individuals that, value the fact that you are close to your loved ones among the intense occasions because once these friends and family are not with you, it will give you a great deal of disappointment and distress. So begin valuing whatever you have.

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