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Madhu Chouhan (Breast Cancer survivor)

Madhu Chouhan (Breast Cancer survivor)

How did it start

In 2016 at the age of 26, I felt a lump on the right side of my breast. I contacted one of the native doctors who suggested that I  should go for the CT scan and after the CT scan the doctor suggested that I see a doctor in Indore as it might be serious. I then went to Indore with my husband and consulted Dr. Deepak Sharma.

My treatment process

At first, the Doctor asked me to go for surgery.  I underwent surgery. The doctor advised me to rest for  21 days. While I was taking a rest I did feel pain in my body. And there was a time when my hands and legs were not even moving.

 I then underwent 6 chemotherapy in 21 days. After that, I went through radiation therapy. After each chemo, I faced issues like vomiting and diarrhoea which are the common symptoms after chemotherapy treatment. I recovered after treatment.

It reappeared

After recovery, I started living my normal life. Both of us even went on a trip to Rajasthan which we enjoyed a lot. After coming back from Rajasthan, I started feeling uneasy and felt the same pain as I felt before. 

After 2 years and 10 months, I felt a lump on the left side of my breast. I lost my hope but my husband was very supportive. He has been with me throughout. He didn't take tension or stress. 

I underwent the same treatment. I even got my breast removed. I recovered again. The treatment lasted for 6-7 months. 

People who have breast Cancer get their genetic test done to know the consequences or the percentages. My husband asked me to test which came out positive and it was clear that it was genetic. 

I won the battle both times. I had to take medicine for 3 years and that too is now completed. I am now living a healthy and happy life with my family. 

Positive aspect

Whenever I was losing hope my husband and the caregivers never lost hope. We always had a positive approach. My husband is the real reason for my survival.

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