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Jyoti Rajani (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Jyoti Rajani (Breast Cancer Survivor)


In January 2021, I returned from vacation and started feeling a little feverish. So, I consulted my physician, and the physician noticed some abnormalities, and it was diagnosed as Breast Cancer on further tests. Then I went to the Das hospital for the other test done there. From this point, my cancer journey was started. And found that I was suffering from breast cancer. Underwent just four chemotherapies were done there. I did not have many side effects. After that, the surgery went very smoothly without any significant issues. It is necessary to have an excellent medical team and family around you as your support system to win the battle against cancer. Willpower and diet are other factors that play an essential role in the treatment journey. 


When I got to know about my problem, at that moment, I felt a lapse, and the following day, I decided that whatever it was, I had to face it at any cost. I kept my willpower very high because I couldn't recover from that particular problem if I collapsed. I decided to be brave; I was very self-motivated because my family supported me. The healthy diet also kept me very positive during the journey.


After Das Hospital, I went to many other hospitals like Hinduja, Nanavati, and Fortis. But ultimately, I went to Tata. I found the best consultation with an excellent doctor in this hospital, and they diagnosed my problem with ease. 


My chemotherapy started in February 2021, and my first chemo was done very smoothly. All tests were going on very few significant issues. I learned that I could survive and win the battle of life from this point. To get self-motivated, I shaved my hair. After surgery, some drainage pipes were inserted into my body, but after 15 days, it was removed. 

Then after 21 days, another chemo session was started in which I felt some pain because it was the post-chemo. That time my body felt some numbness in my hands and legs. When it came to radiation, I became uneasy because of different thoughts. I consulted with my doctors and they made me calm and clear about what would be going on in the therapy very politely. Then I must say that it was the easiest part. But after two weeks, I felt very typical because I maintained a healthy diet.   


The three pillars are essential during this journey

  • The family supports
  • Your mental stability will power and inner motivation
  • Most important is your healthy diet like a meal, fresh fruits, soups etc.

These all are very important to get rid of any issues.

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