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Vijay Jangada (Multiple Myeloma): Have Faith in the Doctors

One day, while riding my bike, I slipped and almost fell down. But I got twisted in such a way that it developed severe back Pain. I immediately consulted my brother, a doctor, who did an X-ray, and I had some relief after two-three hours.

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis

We went to Nasik to consult a Spinal Specialist, who asked me to get an MRI done. I got my MRI done, and after seeing the report, he said that the Pain could not be because of the little twist, and he asked for some tests. I underwent those tests, and we got to know that it was multiple myeloma.

Multiple Myeloma Treatment

The doctor told me that I had to undergo fourteen sessions of Chemotherapy and an autologous bone marrow transplantation. I took a second opinion and got the same advice. I completed my Chemotherapy and got admitted for bone marrow transplantation. The transplant was successful, and I was put for regular follow-ups.

I had to fight for my family. My family gave me massive support throughout my journey. My wife never left me alone, and my brothers also helped me a lot.

From the first day, I always had a mindset that I needed to recover, so I always fought with positivity. I thought that now that it has happened to me and I cannot change it, why not fight it by giving my cent percent?

I made a lot of lifestyle changes. I used to take dry fruits, Indian gooseberry, and many healthy things in my diet. Because of my good lifestyle habits, I didn’t need to make many lifestyle changes after my bone marrow transplantation.

I follow Jainism and believe in letting go. My dharmic knowledge used to keep me happy. I never thought that anything has happened to me. I am mentally as strong as before. I go for a walk and cycling every day. I never searched more about multiple myeloma because I didn’t want to give cancer much importance.

Money is a big issue, so one should have insurance. I love planting trees, so I do that because it makes me happy. Cancer has changed me in a positive way.

Parting Message

What has to happen will happen, and you cannot change it; the only thing you can do is be positive. Have faith in the doctors. Go to the counselors and take help.

Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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