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Vashim Khan (Bone Cancer): Don’t Take Any Stress And Be Happy

Bone Cancer Diagnosis

I had Pain in my shoulder, but I didn’t worry about it. Six months passed by with that pain, and then I consulted a doctor and came to know that it was cancer.

I could not raise my right hand and had restricted movements, but I didn’t take it seriously because I was working in a foreign country. I consulted a few doctors there, and they gave me Pain killers for this, but they only had a temporary effect on my Pain. Later, I started having swelling in my hand, so I came back to India. I went to Mahatma Gandhi hospital and got my CT scan and MRI done. The doctor said it looks serious, so we need to go for a Biopsy and two more tests. When the reports came, it got confirmed that I had bone cancer.

I was kept away from this news for ten days. Everyone told me that it’s just a cyst, but then I googled my Biopsy reports and came to know that I had bone cancer. Initially, I got scared, but as it is said that time heals everything, so with time, I started accepting it and got ready for the fight.

Bone Cancer Treatment

I was asked to take Chemotherapy for 2-3 months and then go for Surgery. But because of the lockdown, my Surgery got delayed. But now, I have finally got my Surgery done. My radiation is going on, and I still have to go for nine more chemotherapies.

I lost my hair, but it has started to grow back now. I am not scared of anything, and I do not have many side effects. Still, I sometimes feel nauseated after chemotherapy, and I cannot eat food for 2-3 days after the Chemotherapy session, but I am dealing with everything very positively. I do not eat outside or junk food and eat only homemade food.

My family always supported me a lot. It does not feel like anything has happened to me. Because of everyone’s support and my willpower, I do not feel that anything has changed or that I have bone cancer.

I don’t focus more on the disease; I spend time with my family and friends and take cancer treatment, thinking it is the same as any other disease. I do not have any physical pain, so I do not feel stressed out too. I feel as normal as before. I do not let anything affect my mind. I try to do my routine chores on my own.

I believe it’s essential to connect with other cancer survivors because initially, everyone gets lost in this journey and has so many doubts. We should connect, motivate, and help each other on this cancer journey.

Parting Message

Don’t take any Stress. What has to happen will happen; you cannot change it, so why worry about it. Just be happy and take cancer as a normal disease.


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