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Parul Banka (Breast Cancer): Make Your Health a Priority

Parul Banka (Breast Cancer): Make Your Health a Priority

I had an everyday life. I was born and brought up in India. I was living a life that I loved. But one day, I found a lump in my left breast and immediately went to my doctor.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I got it investigated because I knew lumps could be malignant. I was humble enough to understand that it can happen to anyone. I had enough awareness to go to the doctor immediately.

On my 34th birthday week, I was diagnosed with the most aggressive stage 2 ABreast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

For the initial six months, I didn't know whether I would survive. During those six months, I used to promise myself that I would do everything in my power to live the rest of my life as meaningful and joyful as possible.

I underwent aggressiveChemotherapytreatment, but I responded to it very well. MyChemotherapysessions went on for four and a half months, and later, I went for a lumpectomy. I also had many hormonal treatments, and I have been on Tamoxifen for seven years and have to take it for another three years.

I had to encounter several side effects. The doctor and the medical staff helped me to survive through everything. My family, husband, friends, and many therapists greatly supported me. I took a lot of therapies to managePain. I made my health my priority.

It's been eight years, and I am good now. I now help other people to flourish in their lives. I left the corporate world and set myself up as a coach. I do storytelling and public speaking. I help people to be seen and heard. Cancer was not a bump in the road for me; it was a fork in the road because I chose to change my life after cancer.

My Breast Cancer Journey

I documented my cancer journey. It started as a regular journal because I couldn't sleep at night, and then it came out as a book, "My Cancer Journey-a Rendezvous with Myself.

Cancer allowed me to find the lost person under all the conditions. It allowed me to peel off every layer and discover my authentic self. I wrote this book to create awareness about cancer and to inspire people going through cancer.

Parting Message

Every cancer is different; don't compare your journey with others. With recent healthcare advancements, you can overcome cancer easily. Never be hesitant to go for counselling and other therapies.

Caregivers also have to take care of themselves because the cancer journey is traumatic for them. Events can happen to us, and cancer is an event that no one chooses to happen, but if it has happened, you have the choice of how to respond to it.

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