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Pankhudi Wagle (Breast Cancer)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

It was in October 2019 when I realized that something was wrong. I told my mother that I could feel a lump in my left breast. We consulted a doctor who prescribed some tests. The mammography results came back positive for Breast Cancer. I also did a sonography in which the doctors doubted that there was something wrong in the pancreas, which could be a TB patch or a normal cyst. I was advised to go for a CT scan and MRI, but we still could not find exactly what it was. So I was then suggested to go for a PET scan. From the PET scan results, the doctors concluded that the cancer had also affected my pancreatic tail and spleen.

Breast Cancer Treatment

I underwent surgery, and my surgical oncologist told me that it would take 20 days to get discharged from the hospital since it was a major Surgery. But I was home on the 8th day and was able to walk too.

I was then advised for six Chemotherapy sessions. I celebrated every Chemotherapy session; just before one day of my chemotherapy, I used to go to the hotel and enjoy it there. After completing six Chemotherapy sessions, I underwent Radiation therapy in May. I have completed my treatment, had my PET scan two months ago, and everything is going well now.

I was always positive and motivated. I did Reiki during my treatment, which helped me a lot. I also did pranayama and deep breathing. I was on a high protein diet. I ate pulses, legumes, green vegetables, multigrain flour chapati, curd, avoided sugar, took eggs, and fish. I used to take Wheatgrass juice early in the morning. I had many mood swings, I used to get irritated quickly, but my family supported me immensely. I saw a lot of movies and listened to and sang songs. I kept myself busy doing the things I love.

Parting Message

Have strong will power, and stay away from negative people. Do the things you love, keep yourself busy, enjoy your life, and be positive. Do Yoga and pranayama, keep yourself hydrated, and eat healthy food. Don’t delay in getting yourself checked once you notice something wrong. Have faith in your doctors and God. Do the things that keep you happy.

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