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Neha Airen (Breast Cancer)

Neha Airen (Breast Cancer)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

It was during my 4th month of pregnancy when I felt a lump in my right breast. I told my mother of the same, but she brushed it off, saying that it's just due to hormonal changes happening during pregnancy. After ten days, I still could feel it there, and it started bothering me, but it was again given the name of pregnancy changes.

I came to Indore on 10th June and told my husband that there is something wrong, and I have to get it checked. So we went to our gynaecologist, who also said it is just mastitis, which happens in early pregnancy, and gave me some medicines. It got suppressed for some time, but it again grew after some days. I could sense something wrong, so this time doctor asked for sonography, but even in the sonography reports, it came as mastitis.

It was during my sixth month of pregnancy when I had my biopsy; it revealed that I had stage 3 Breast Cancer. The Biopsy result came as a shock to me. But I believe that this was divine intervention because God wanted my child to be born, and that is why the diagnosis got delayed, and from the first stage, it went to the stage 3 Breast Cancer. If we had diagnosed it earlier, then I might have undergone an abortion.

Breast Cancer Treatment

We went to Mumbai and consulted 2-3 doctors, who all said that abortion is needed because Chemotherapy couldn't be done during pregnancy.

But then we consulted another doctor, and I could feel some positive vibes when he said nothing would happen to your baby, and your baby will be born safely. It gave me motivation, and I shed off my tears and prepared myself for the battle against Breast Cancer. I didn't know what Chemotherapy meant or how the treatment will be, but I made up my mind that I won't cry now, and I had to fight for my five-year-old kid and for the one who was not even born.

Three Chemotherapy sessions were planned in the gap of 21 days, and then more sessions would be given after my delivery. I took my three Chemotherapy sessions in Mumbai. And during my delivery period, every clinic said no to take my case because, according to them, I needed a big team where paediatricians, gynaecologists, and oncologists should be present. So I decided to have my delivery in Indore. Everyone used to ask why not in Mumbai, but I had made up my mind for Indore.

After consulting with my doctor, we came to Indore, and I gave birth to my second child. Later we went to Mumbai again, and I took the rest of my Chemotherapy sessions. Many people suggested to us many alternative treatments, but we decided to follow what our doctor advised.

Positivity and Motivation

My parents always believed in destiny, and would always say that we will fight this together. I have a very loving family, and they always used to say that Neha is positive and strong because I never let cancer overcome me. I used to help my mother in her work and used to go shopping and for walks.

For me, my first motivation was my doctor, the second was my family and kids, and the third was Anuradha Saxena aunty, who runs an NGO Sangini in Indore. She always used to encourage me, telling me how I should fight Breast Cancer for my kids.

And now,ZenOnco.iois giving me immense confidence and motivation; I now feel I am much beautiful, happy, and stronger than before.

Parting Message

Love yourself. Accept your challenges, and make it a part of your life; go with it. Cancer Treatment is painful but be confident. Believe in yourself that you will fight. Once you decide to fight, no one can stop you, and in the end, life wins.

Key Points from Neha Airen's Healing Journey

  • It was in my 4th month of pregnancy when I could feel some lump in my breast, but everyone thought that it might be mastitis, and even the sonography reports showed it as mastitis.
  • I had my Biopsy in my 6th month of pregnancy, which revealed that it's stage 3 Breast Cancer. It was shocking for me, but I had to fight for my 5-year-old kid and for the one who was not even born.
  • I took three Chemotherapy sessions and gave birth to my second child, and later took the remaining Chemotherapy cycles after delivery.
  • Cancer treatment is painful, but be confident. Believe in yourself that you will fight. Once you decide to fight, no one can stop you, and in the end, life wins.
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