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Divya Par (Blood Cancer): Nothing Could Stop Me

Looking forward to something is very important. I love learning new things. I was a very silent girl, but now I smile much more than before.

Blood Cancer Diagnosis

Back in 1991, when I was just 11-years-old, I had red spots on my hands and legs. I was very excited that I was taking off from school and going for a check-up, but that excitement immediately dropped when the doctors said that I had to get admitted. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. But I didn’t know then that I had Blood Cancer.

Blood Cancer Treatment

I underwent Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. I was among the first few people who were going for a bone marrow transplantation. My sister was my donor, and I am very grateful to her. It took a long process.

My family was of great support to me. The Blood Cancer treatment was painful; my throat was sore, and I couldn’t drink or eat. Sometimes, I would feel very lonely because I would see the entire world pass by, and I was sitting, not doing anything. My mom and uncle were there for me. My uncle used to come and play with me.

The students would go for school trips, but I was always left out because that was too much of a risk. That became the fighting drive that I have to get through all those things and enjoy everything, and no one would stop me.

I had lovely hair, and I lost them completely, and to date, I have not gained it back. I have scars on my neck, and for a long time, I was so hesitant to show these scars. Everyone used to ask me why was that scar was there. I didn’t open up much because I didn’t want to talk about it; I used to go into my cocoon and not talk about it, but now I take it as a proud scar, which shows what I survived.

The doctors said that I would not be able to conceive, but my father decided that my education and self-dependency was more important. It was a life-changing experience. I had a very focused mind. I did my Master’s, and it made me a powerful person. My parents were proud of me when I completed my Master’s. I got so much into physical exercises, and I did Zumba, steppers, cycling, etc. I also did hiking, trekking, and everything I had always wanted to do. I worked in California for seven years. I met my husband there, who understands me, and has been a blessing in my life. He has helped me to break all the exterior walls that I had built.

I had a very fantastic career, but later I decided that I wanted to do something else. I am now doing craniosacral therapy and learning to become a Yoga instructor too. I want to reach out to people in a holistic way. I am also training to become an emotional freedom technique practitioner.

I was scared of a phenyl smell for many years because that would remind me of the hospital. The moment I realized that it is the smallest thing that is troubling me, I dropped it. It’s a long process, but it all gets better.

I become asthmatic during seasonal changes and want an inhaler, but Sudarshan Kriya has helped me get better. My physical health has improved a lot. I am now a more fun-loving, independent person.

Acceptance is Essential

Accepting what has happened to you and accepting that it’s not your fault is essential.

Accepting your state of time at a particular moment in your life is essential.

Firstly, I didn’t know that it will be a long journey. I thought it would be just for a month or so. Later, I realized what was happening, and my sister was always with me, which helped me a lot.

Initially, I was happy that I was pampered and loved it so much. Later, I focused more on education and used to feel motivated whenever I got good grades. I was never afraid to explore. During my masters, I explored cooking, went to New Zealand, South America, Europe. I love traveling, and when I was in the US, I have seen 40% of the National parks. I enjoyed everything because I waited stuck at a point for a very long time, and I didn’t want to waste any opportunity to explore.

Parting Message

Have patience. It is painful, and you feel as if your whole life is disturbed but do not worry about it; you will get through this and do much better things in life. Hang in there; don’t lose hope.

Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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