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Anirudh Jamadagni (ALL): Against All Odds

Anirudh Jamadagni (ALL): Against All Odds

A software techie based in Banglore, Anirudh was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Type 2 Cancer, Stage 3 . He went through ragging throughout his childhood developed learning disabilities due to the side effect of Cancer Treatment. As if un-touchability in his extended family wasn't harrowing enough, even his married life was affected and his wife filed for divorce. But thanks to his loving family, he conquered all odds and emerged victorious.


On 5th March 1995, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Type 2, Stage 3. Among 40 kids admitted that he had only a meager chance of survival.


Anirudh went through 32 chemo cycles, 48 bone marrows, and 42 radiation cycles. Observation, Maintenance, and Relapse are three stages of Cancer Treatment.

Bone Marrow was really tough and painful for Anirudh. Some injections put through the veins literally burnt his nervous junction. One particular tablet led to the growth of thorn-like growth in his throat.

Family Support:

His father wasn't mentally strong enough to see his son going through all the physical Pain but his mother was with him day and night. His teachers, parents, and friends supported him very well. There was a taboo in his family, and he was treated as an untouchable in his extended family.

Side Effects:

Anirudh lost hair and his eardrums were affected. He went through major Surgery to revive his hearing ability. He had to cope up with academics. He developed a learning disability and dyslexia as radiation affected his learning ability. The immunity had gone to an all-time low and his body started stinking. He had to face frequent cold and fever. As if that wasn't enough, he developed Calcium deficiency and developed three to four fractures.


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