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Heena (Colorectal Cancer Caregiver): Fight With Positivity

Heena (Colorectal Cancer Caregiver): Fight With Positivity

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Hello everyone, I'm Heena, a caregiver to my father, a Colorectal Cancer patient. In 2019, my father used to have constipation problems and also had bleeding in his stool. My dad didn't take this seriously and said that it would get better soon. He went to my cousin's place in Kutch for some work where he had some unbearable Pain. Being a doctor, my cousin checked him and got his sonography, endoscopy, biopsy, and other tests done to find out the problem.

When his test results were in, we learned that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. When I got to know about my father's cancer, I had asked him to come to Vadodara for treatment. My family and I took this news positively and have decided to face everything bravely, even though he was in a critical condition. We made up our minds to give him the best treatment available and bring him back healthy and active again.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment

When my dad came to Vadodara, my family and I had consulted a leading and reputed oncologist to treat my father. My dad had gone through several tests, including the PET scan, when he was initially diagnosed with cancer. The doctors' team had made a protocol that he would be going through 6 Chemotherapy sessions before the surgery, three chemo sessions post-surgery, and the PET scan for determining whether or not the Chemotherapy has worked.

The doctors had told us that only if the Chemotherapy works they will proceed with surgery, and the post-surgery treatment will be planned accordingly. The Chemotherapy sessions did work on him, and he was giving excellent responses to the sessions, and the doctors had decided to proceed with his colorectal Surgery.

Morale Support We Gave To My Dad

My family members gathered in the hospital for my dad's first Chemotherapy session. Thanks to all the support they gave us, the first session went on to be successful. My cousin, who lives in Vadodara, gave out medicine that provides the body with energy.

So, we gave those medicines to my dad too, and they had allowed him to recover after each Chemotherapy effectively. I had made a healthy diet for him and used to sit and listen to songs to keep his mind calm and not think about his health and tire himself. Eating healthy food provided his body with the much-needed nutrients and kept him active throughout his treatment period.

I remember attending forgiveness seminars in 2018 that were taken by a naturopath. I also used to participate in many of Brahma Kumari's lectures, where she used to say that if you have a positive mindset, you will feel positive. While attending seminars, I came up with an idea. On a piece of paper, I wrote, "I forgive everyone and ask for forgiveness from everyone, my body's good and I am at peace, I have completed my treatment, and I'm perfectly alright" and gave it to my father and asked him to read it whenever he gets time. Having a positive mindset can help a patient recover faster than average and boost his confidence that he could get better.


Eventually, my dad's six Chemotherapy sessions went great, and he also underwent Surgery. After surgery, he had gone through three more chemo sessions, which were also successful. While giving him medicines, I used to say that the medication will go in his body and speed up his recovery. Also, I always told him that God has something good planned for him and not to think about why he was diagnosed with cancer. God still has something better planned and may test you in the process, but we should never give up our hopes and keep doing what we do best.

Recovering Stage

In January 2020, my dad's treatment was completed successfully. He stayed with me in Vadodara for 3-4 months, and then in January, he went back to Jamnagar. Now, he is under oral Chemotherapy and also gained the weight he had lost during his treatment. He is now recovering well, and we were supposed to take him for his PET scan in August, but due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19, we could not.

His skin is darkening, but despite that, he is doing fine. He is taking the necessary precautions and has been working out lately to stay in shape. He is also eating fine and is maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle. He is now habituated to say that all is well. Initially, he used to say, "Oh God," but I always told him not to say that and say "Wow God" instead.

We all know that every person on this planet will face death someday, but we all deserve a dignified death and not a painful one. Facing challenging situations calmly can be extremely beneficial and gives us the confidence to face anything that comes our way. Our thoughts have the power to make our destiny, so we should always have a positive mindset. Whenever we face a challenging situation, we should first think about the outcomes and what can be done calmly.

Parting Message

Don't give up, be patient, and have faith in the almighty God, as he knows what is best for you and is always there to protect you. Inculcating positive thoughts can help you come out as a winner in any situation. Do not lose hope in yourself and still think that you are just a step away from getting better and healthier the way you were before. Having positive thoughts can lead to positive outcomes, and you can help yourself and others in tough and critical times.

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