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Healing Circle Talks with Mr. Yogesh Mathuria: “Journey Is Inside Us”

Healing Circle Talks with Mr. Yogesh Mathuria: “Journey Is Inside Us”

About the Healing Circle:

The purpose of the Healing Circle is to give a safe space to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, to share their feelings or experiences. This circle is built on the foundation of kindness and respect. It is a sacred space where everyone listens with compassion and treats each other with honour. All the stories are held confidential, and we believe that we have the guidance we need within us, and we rely on the power of silence to access it.

About the speaker:

Mr. Yogesh Mathuria, the speaker of this webinar, has extensive expertise in ANAHAT Healing. He was drawn to the field of Healing when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He is one of the most reputed healing professionals globally and has an experience of over seven years. He has been trained by Ms. Louise Hay. He is nicknamed 'Vishwamithra' by his near and dear ones as he travels the world to spread peace.

How Mr. Yogesh Mathuria learned ANAHAT Healing:

Through my seven years of research in various parts of the world, I have learned very different methods of Healing. At some point, I realized there was some good in each healing practice, and there were some areas where I felt I could combine altogether and develop something new. So that's how with the help of my master, I developed the ANAHAT Healing method. And I believe that the sacred point of ANAHAT is love. It focuses on loving yourself, as love can dissolve any matter, may it be mentally, physically, or may it be cancer.

Be your healer:

In psychology, there is a law, that any event happens in life may it be cancer or COVID, first of all, there is denial, then after a point when you realize there is no choice. You get confirmation from reports, and all across various things, then there is a lot of anger, then the third stage comes bargain, that, why is it me, why this happened to me, I do Yoga and various things to keep myself fit but still why it occurred to me. People sometimes grapple with this for a long time, and when they realize that they are caught in this situation, they become depressed. But finally, when you accept whatever challenge it is, then there is only one way that forwards to some resolution. Unfortunately, most of us go through those three steps, including me, but when I accept that I have to live for my daughter and me, life starts responding. At some point, I realized that just focusing on money; you cannot buy health from it. So I started looking at my health. I was diabetic, weighed 100+kg, and had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, but after all the research from my six years, I tried to become my own healer first. And in 9 months of the journey, I lost almost 31kg weight.

I started correcting my lifestyle, food habits, and thinking patterns, and it helped me. The moment I became healthy, I gained confidence and the divine created the platform for me, and I had a couple of cases in my own family, my mother, my driver's son, and when I was able to resolve that it gave me further confidence.

ANAHAT Healing:

Relax your body, sit as straight as possible, and smile because the first step in ANAHAT Healing is to bring a smile to your face. The human body is made of 37-50 trillion small cells, and each cell understands our emotions, and the role of each cell is to create our emotions and multiply them. So our masters and gurus always recommend starting the day on a positive note because if you start your day positively, your cells understand that you are in a cheer-full mode and that emotion will be multiplied and increased in your life. If you start your day with anger, the cells understand every feeling, and they will multiply it and create more and more situations to be angry in your life. So start with a smile, a smile is the ornament freely gifted by the divine to all of us irrespective of anything. It is the most beautiful gift, so start smiling and wear your smile till it becomes part of your routine, and you don't have to remind yourself to smile. Move to the second step, which is to focus on your breathing and enjoy your breath.

Typically we human beings have 60,000 thoughts, and our mind is so engaged with our thoughts, so I recommend just focusing on breathing. Divine has sent each one of us on this planet Earth with three promises, that are:- air, water, and food, now our life has been so commercialized, and everything is calculated in terms of money. I believe each one on this planet Earth is a millionaire, as typically a person breathes 50 litres of oxygen every day and many of the people might have gone through some phase where they have to buy somewhat costly oxygen, but they are earning it free and is blessed by mother Earth. You can imagine how blessed we are, but we don't focus on it and just focus on external matters. So focus on your breath and enjoy your breath as each one of us knows that without breathing, there is no life.

Stages of Breathing:

The core base of ANAHAT Healing is deep breathing, and in breathing, there are five stages:-

  1. Observe your breathing; by observing your breathing, you relax your body and your mind. Once your mind is a little focused, you deepen your breath.
  2. The second step into breathing is called a Rishi form of breathing, or it is also called 4+4+6+2.  In that you breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, then release your breath for 6 seconds, to ensure and re-sure that your lungs are empty, then hold your lungs empty for 2 seconds and start the cycle again. Around us, there are many animals, and the closest ones are dogs and cats. They breathe from their chest, and when they breathe from their chest, their breathing cycle is very short, and so is their lifecycle also. Similarly, animals like turtles and elephants have a very long breathing cycle, about only a couple of breaths in a minute, they live between 100 to 200 years. So the quality of deep breathing has a direct connection to the longevity of our life, so try deep breathing as much as possible.
  3. The third step is to connect with your own body. We say how I can love myself, but have you ever said "I love you" to your own body, have you talked to your body part, touched any body part, and said I love you                                                      Let's take an example of our heart. What an amazing gift nature has given us, the human heart is a pump with enormous capacity; there is no pump in the world which has the power of the human heart. When you sleep, it breathes at a particular speed; when you get up, it automatically increases the breath; when you walk, run, go jogging, and during every other activity, it automatically aligns the speed, and this pump never takes five days a week, or a holiday.                                                                      From the day you are born till the time you are on this earth, this pump always supports you. But have you ever put your hand on my heart and said I love you, I am grateful to you for your support in this life journey. Do that sometimes, and you will realize how blessed you are; similarly, you can keep on talking to every other body organ as they are a blessing to us. We love all people around us, our spouse, our children, our parents, and our friends, but unless you don't love yourself, you can't give love to others. To put it simply, imagine if my bank balance is 25000 rupees, I cannot issue a check for more than 25000; likewise, unless you don't love yourself, you can't love anybody else.                                                                                                                     Through this practice, we build up a strong bank balance of loving our own organs and our bodies. When you start loving yourself, things start changing, so love yourself and provide love to others.
  4. Connect with divine energy. In whichever energy you believe in, invite blessings from that energy. I believe our body is the live temple and the divine sits inside, if you connect to your own divine energy inside, life is a big blessing.
  5. The real healing starts in 5th stage when you talk to the divine energy within you and say every breath brings in me the purest of purest love, joy, amazing health, happiness, serene peace, prosperity and harmony with the life around me and every breath I release I choose to release all the accumulated anger, resentment, guilt, fear, hatred, jealousy, lust and all forms of worries completely. If this cycle continues over the period, then there will be a stage when we inhale and exhale only love.

Lotus Gratitude Prayer:

It opens the gateway to gratitude, which is there in our hearts, but we are so busy in our daily activities that we don't open that door of gratitude and see the world with beautiful eyes. But this gratitude practice allows us to remove that blindfold from our eyes and beautifully see the world.

Different healing experiences:

  • Preeti Ji- After my treatment, I became so frustrated, so I started doing Yoga. I wake up at 4:00 and then do Yoga and three steps of regular breathing, I have also started reading books by Louise Hay and doing lotus gratitude practice, and it is helping me a lot.
  • Rajendra Ji- During my treatment, I developed new hobbies like reading about astronomy and singing. As I am Claustrophobic, I cannot take radiation or MRI, but then I started learning music when I used to go for radiation, I used to sing a song, and my radiation would get over without me even knowing about it, and the same goes with my MRI. So during my Chemotherapy and Radio sessions, singing songs, doing pranayama, meditating, and reading books on astronomy helped me.
  • Rajlaxmi- During my journey, staying positive and being busy with work and family and my family's support helped me. After the treatment, I have started yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet, which is also helping me.
  • Rohit- Recently, I have started following Yoga and pranayama. I can link everything from the books I came across. We can heal ourselves from our subconscious mind, so this is something I started following along with pranayama, and it is helping me in day-to-day life.
  • Divya- Self-talk and self-love helped me a lot; I used to talk to myself and would give love and hope to myself as I would to others.
  • Naman- The Sun is like a God for me, I would take energies from the sun, and I used to do meditation and pranayama a lot.
  • Dimple- Reading books, going outside for a walk, getting fresh air, and chanting helped me a lot. Every morning Nitesh and I used to get up at 6 am and immediately switch on the music player with the kind of spiritual music we love, and it helped us feel good about the beginning of the day.

You are what you eat:

There is a profound connection between mind and body, and the body has an intense relationship with what we eat. Take 50% of the food in raw form and the rest 50% in the form of cooked food. If you eat food in raw form, it helps you to ensure your system is cleaned thoroughly; you get better energy. Eat like a king at breakfast, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. We make choices consciously, so why not make a good one by eating healthily?

Ms. Dimple's thoughts on Healing:

Medicines, food, physical exercises, and mental, and emotional wellness in their way are helpful in everyone's recovery. When someone is going through the cancer journey, it's essential to make all the necessary lifestyle changes to heal your body because cancer is such a disease which we are in fear that what if it comes back, but what if we are doing the right things to let it will not come back. And those right things are nothing but small changes where you feed your body with the proper nutrition and focus on healing. Everybody has to find out what is their safe space where they feel good when they do any activity. It's you who needs to decide what kind of Healing practice is going to help you.

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