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Divya (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Divya (Breast Cancer Survivor)


Everything seemed to be going on well until one day in July 2019 when I felt a lump in my breast. I ignored it at first as I thought it may be because I had stopped feeding my two-year-old child. But I felt this same lump more prominently in a few days. I then decided to visit my gynecologist and he told me to go for the Mammography. The test results showed that it was a fibroadenoma which was benign. The doctor said it was normal. But for our reference, we decided to consult another surgeon and he also said it was normal but advised us to get it removed.

Knowing that it was just a normal lump I decided to go for normal homeopathy. But after around three to four months later I started feeling that my lump was increasing in size. I informed my homeopathy doctor regarding this and he told me to undergo some advanced tests. I then went for FNAC whose report pointed out some abnormalities and then also took the biopsy test. Shockingly this time the lump was malignant and I was diagnosed with stage two Breast cancer.

How did treatment go

As soon as the doctors read the report, they said that chemotherapy and surgery would be required. The treatment started with three chemotherapy cycles. There was a gap of 21 days in between two chemotherapy cycles. After this, surgery was conducted. Following the surgery again three chemotherapy cycles were undertaken.

As soon as the final chemotherapy session was over, a radiation session of 25 days was scheduled. After all this, the doctor declared me cancer-free.

Side effects that are seen due to the treatment

I had hair loss throughout the treatment. I faced issues like Diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, constipation, emotional breakdown, weakness and at times had swelling all over my face. I also lost my taste sensation.

Doctors advice during the treatment.

Doctors had requested me at the beginning of the treatment to stop searching for cancer related news. Anything I want to discuss I can discuss with them directly.

They also asked me to stay positive throughout the treatment. I decided I will not be in contact with negative people. They also said that everyone has a different body style, has different medicine composition throughout their treatment so the side effects may be different to different people. So they told me to stop listening to the negative stories.

The family was my pillar for positivity

Initially, when I came to know that I was diagnosed with cancer I was depressed but everyone supported me a lot. My husband, mother, and children all were really supportive throughout the treatment and became my strength through the treatment process.

How I deal with the side effects.

Although I had lost my taste sensation, I used to keep following the diet chart as specified by the doctors and used to eat at a continuous time interval.

After the completion of my treatment, I have followed a strict diet and have not eaten anything from outside. I have also joined yoga, Art of living, and Brahma Kumaris, which brought a lot of positivity.

Parting message.

First of all, remember not to ignore any health problems and be health conscious.

Understand the importance of ourselves. In all types of treatment recovery is 50% by medicine and 50% through positivity and belief. So, treat yourself right and give time to yourself and your health.

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