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Dilshad (Breast Cancer): She Was Always Smiling


My mother-in-law had Stage One Breast Cancer in 2001. She had lumps for two years and two years after the Surgery she passed away.

How many cycles of chemo and radiation did she go through?

She was treated at a hospital in Colaba. Two years after she removed lumps she expired.

Any alternative treatment?

She had joined Yoga and it helped her.

How was the experience with the doctor?

We were fine.

She would have decided if the decision wasn’t the removal of a breast. The call we ultimately took was to remove them. Except for Nausea, she didn’t face any other problems.

Any inspiration or role model?

Herself and her husband who provided immense moral support were their role models. It’s very difficult to be in their shoes

‘Try’, that’s the only thing we can do. A caregiver, even after the patient passes away can reach out to people using talking platforms and communities. She could manage her personal life and was a lively Independent lady who hated displaying her Pain. Despite all the pain, she was happily managing her personal life


People ask patients to be happy and positive. It is easier said than done

Fond Memories:

She remained calm throughout her Pain. Even a month before her passing away, we went to Lonavala. We knew it would be the last family get-together. My son was barely a few months old. We did it so that she could spend time with her first grandchild. My mother-in-law was always smiling.

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