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Chittampalli Madhusudan (Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer)

Chittampalli Madhusudan (Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer)

Chittampalli Madhusudan received a stage-4 gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis post which he began taking Chemotherapy.

In the middle of the treatment, he also got Jaundice. These diseases together led to side effects that worsened his condition. He experienced severe stomach pain, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance.

With our help, he consulted with Dr Sayed Tahir and was very happy with the consultation. After a thorough examination of his condition, the doctor prescribed him medical cannabis. Soon he began to show remarkable improvement in his health. His side effects are reduced and he can also sleep adequately now. As a result of medical cannabis, his appetite was restored and he can eat well now.
All this together has helped in improving his overall health and he is doing very well presently.

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