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ZenOnco Community - India's First And Only Cancer Community

ZenOnco Community - India's First And Only Cancer Community

During our journey with cancer patients, we realized that patients and caregivers wanted a platform to express themselves and share their experiences and knowledge to inspire each other.

We spoke to several cancer patients and found that the hospitals were unable to provide sufficient answers to their concerns. This might be because the ratio of a clinical oncologist to new cancer cases is very low in countries such as India (e.g. 1:2000 in India). At this ratio, it is natural that oncologists don't get enough time to satisfy all the queries that the patients may have, adequately. The most common concern that most of our patients expressed was that even after all the support they received, they often felt lonely. Cancer still has a huge stigma associated with it among those who haven't experienced its effects first-hand and is thus ostracized by society. This leads to most patients secluding into a cave of solitude, which is not advisable for them. This is where a community comes in a haven, a place of no judgment, a community that can help and inspire cancer patients.

A community is needed to guide the patients through relationship changes, and financial worries and provide mental comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in this fight. While the patients may feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts with strangers, they will gradually find out that even though each one has unique experiences, they will be able to connect with them more easily than they ever imagined. However, cancer patients generally find it hard to locate good communities to join. It becomes more helpful for them if they can find communities focused on a single type of cancer, such as a community for Breast Cancer patients and survivors so that more detailed information regarding that can be found.

To overcome these concerns, ZenOnco. is very proud to launch the free platform ZenOnco Community, India's first and only cancer community. ZenOnco Community is dedicated to connecting millions of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals to share their experiences and knowledge to inspire each other.

ZenOnco Community

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What can you do on ZenOnco Community?

Dealing with cancer can become comparatively more straightforward when you listen to the journeys of the people who have gone through it. ZenOnco Community provides an opportunity to connect with thousands of cancer warriors by just registering free of cost. The main features of the ZenOnco Community are:

  • Connect- ZenOnco Community provides the opportunity to connect with other patients, cancer survivors, and healthcare professionals. This is an added advantage as experienced doctors will be answering the queries that you post on the platform.
  • Share- ZenOnco Community enables its users to share any post on the platform. Users can post anything, varying from their cancer journeys to informative posts such as on the importance of mediation in the cancer journey.
  • Read- Users can read the articles and blogs put up on the platform. Groups designated for specific types of cancers will have articles and posts dealing with even the finer details of that cancer.
  • Inspire- ZenOnco Community allows a cancer warrior to give back to society. One can never know the difference that a story can make in another patient's life.
  • Anonymity- The platform also gives the option of joining without revealing their true identity, as some patients find it hard to connect with strangers. ZenOnco Community will be a space where the patients and their caregivers can ask any doubts without the slightest fear of being questioned or ostracized by the members. This is the most significant advantage of this community.

ZenOnco Community


To join the ZenOnco Community, WhatsApp to 993070900 with your name and the type of cancer group you want to join. Introduce yourself to the members, and join the groups that talk about your type of cancer. Use this free platform for your benefit and the benefit of our society.

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