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Is Cannabis (CBD) Oil Proven To Be Helpful During Cancer Treatment?

Is Cannabis (CBD) Oil Proven To Be Helpful During Cancer Treatment?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant that is gaining popularity in the natural medicine world since it seems to provide the body with a lot of benefits. There is some controversy around the subject, with some researchers believing that Cannabis oil for Cancer Treatment can be used. Although it is too early to make any claims regarding CBD for cancer treatment, this compound can help manage problems that occur due to cancer or its treatment.

It should be noted thatCBDis not the same as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an activeCannabinoidinCannabisthat induces a rush when smoked or consumed by an individual. Scientists are also looking into the ability to useCBDto treatAnxietyand ChronicPain.

While the initial results of small cancer cells andCBDtrials are positive, they aren't definitive.

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CBD as a complementary therapy

Most available evidence suggests thatCannabisandCBDtreatments may complementCancer Treatment.CBDcan assist cancer sufferers by:

  • Stimulating appetite

Many people who undergo treatment for cancer experience dizziness and a lack of appetite. These cancer symptoms can make maintaining a healthy weight difficult for them.

IngestedCannabisthat provides THC and othercannabinoidsto the bloodstream may help stimulate appetite, but there is no evidence that this effect can be accomplished byCBDalone.

  • Pain relief

Cancer causespaincaused by inflammation, internal organ pressure, or nerve injury. When thepainis extreme, opioids, which are strongPainrelievers, can even become ineffective.

CBD works indirectly on the CB2 receptors, which, by reducing pain, may aid with generalizedPainrelief. THC acts on the CB1 receptors, which can be useful inPaincaused by nerve damage.

Cannabis andCannabinoidssuch asCBDcould be useful for people who have cancer and are experiencing frequentNauseaand vomiting, especially whenChemotherapyis the cause.

Antinausea activity in cannabis, however, appears to come from THC, rather than fromCBD. People trying to relieveAnxietyfromCannabisshould be prepared for the possible psychoactive effects of THC on prescriptionCannabisproducts addressed by a doctor.

Many people are getting relief from low THC doses. Prescription forms of synthetic THC are available, which have fewer side effects.

(CBD)Cannabis oil for Cancer Treatment

Many people are wondering ifCannabisorCBDcan be used to prevent cancer. Numerous studies on the link betweenCannabisand cancer were reviewed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and found the research had mixed results.

An older study of 64,855 U.S. people found the use ofCannabisdidn't increase the danger of nicotine-related cancers. However, the same study also found that there was an increase in the risk ofProstate Canceramong maleCannabisusers who had never smokedTobacco.

CanCBDcure cancer?

There are currently no large clinical trials examining the use ofCannabisorCannabinoidsas a treatment for cancer. There are small pilot projects, but the study is still in its early stages.

Researchers noted in 2016 that using Cannabinoids showed promise in treating cancer. The authors found that Cannabinoids in both test tubes and animal studies tend to inhibit the growth of various tumour cells.

In some cases, Cannabinoids and Cannabis themselves may have their place as a complementary treatment, for instance in people needing help with chronic Pain and Nausea management. Researchers also noted that certain dosages or forms of Cannabinoids can suppress the immune system, allowing tumours to develop unchecked.

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In short, at present,CBDis not a proven cancer cure and neither is it proven to be an effective treatment solution. As such, patients should always speak to a doctor before usingCBDduringCancer Treatment.

Relief & Comfort from pain and other side effects in Your Cancer Journey

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