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Understand Boswellia: An Effective Cancer Growth Inhibitor

Understand Boswellia: An Effective Cancer Growth Inhibitor

Boswellia is a biblical herb extracted from the Boswellia Serrata tree popularly recognized for its fragrant resin. In India, Boswellia is broadly used in Ayurvedic therapy for treating Breast Cancer symptoms, Cervical Cancer symptoms, lung cancer symptoms, mouth cancer symptoms, Colon Cancer symptoms, etc. It has a vital role in hindering the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, even the best cancer hospitals advise using it to treat different Cancer Treatment side effects. According to research, Boswellic acid has been proven safe for treating Pain caused during cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy.

Benefits of using Boswellia

It has been tested in clinical trials as a safe and effective source for healing ulcerative colitis and asthma. However, there is a need for extensive research to determine whether it is fit for healing osteoarthritis. Boswellia is thus said to heal chronic inflammatory diseases and other minor health problems. Boswellia is available in the form of a pill, resin, and cream. According to experts, Boswellia can potentially reduce inflammation and be highly beneficial for treating Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Osteoarthritis.

Understand Boswellia: An Effective Cancer Growth Inhibitor

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Role of Boswellia in treating cancer:

According to some studies, Boswellia for cancer can be crucially beneficial for treating specific types of cancer symptoms. Boswellic acid plays an imperative role in eliminating the growth of cancer cells. Studies suggest that Boswellic acid prevents hazardous enzymes from adversely affecting the human DNA. Many studies also suggested that Boswellic acid helps in inhibitingPancreatic Cancercells and many other cancer cells. As studies advance, its benefits are becoming better known.

Side effects of Boswellia:

According to a study, patients suffered from allergic contact dermatitis on using the Boswellia topical cream. A patient suffering from celiac disease consumed excessive olibanum, which resulted in gastric bezoar. Gastric bezoar, in simple terms, is the accumulation of hair, vegetable fibre, and other substances in the small intestine. However, the symptoms of Vomiting and abdominal Pain potentially improved after surgically removing the bezoar. Many patients of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who consumed Casperome developed mild stypsis.

Uses of Boswellia:

  • Treating cancer- According to research, Boswellia is potentially beneficial for treating cancer symptoms. Extensive research can help determine the thorough uses of it. Nonetheless, many studies suggest that it has properties for fighting advanced cancers such asBreast Cancer. Moreover, it plays an imperative role in limitingBrain Tumorcells and malignantLeukemiafrom spreading in the body.
  • HealingRadiotherapyside effects-Boswellia is used only on a few patients for treatingRadiotherapyside effects. Precise and analytic research can help conclude whether it is appropriate for treatingRadiotherapyside effects.
  • Reducing inflammationIt has been clinically proved that the Boswellia herb can potentially reduce inflammation in animals and humans. It is a remarkable anti-inflammatory source and has been clinically tested.

Is Boswellia for cancer safe to use?

Boswellic acid has been clinically proven as a safe substance for treating the side effects of various cancer treatments. It has been consistently used for decades due to its rich Ayurvedic properties. Although Boswellia is considered potentially safe for use, it is best advised to consult your doctor before using it.

Understand Boswellia: An Effective Cancer Growth Inhibitor

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Boswellic acid is one of the most powerful alternatives for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Several cancer therapies and treatments originate from natural resources and medicines. Boswellic acid is one such efficient substance used for treating pro-inflammatory problems. Many studies suggest that it can hinder the metastasis of Colorectal Cancer. Furthermore, Boswellic acid is also said to defeat ascites and remote metastasis to the lungs, liver, and spleen in orthotopically-implanted cysts and tumours in rodents. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before making a decision.

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