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Anju Chauhan (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Anju Chauhan (Breast Cancer Survivor)

How it started

In 1992-93 when my son was drinking milk, he accidentally bit on my breast. As a bio student, I was aware that this could turn into cancer, so I went to the doctor for the check-up He did FNAC, and the doctor said it's not serious. The doctor also said if I feel pain in my breast during the periods, it can be cancer. The pain did arise in my period, but I ignored it. That was my mistake. I went to the doctor alone because I knew that I have a tumor. I did mammography, sonography. They saw something in my both breasts. The doctors were not giving me the reports. They asked me to call someone from the family and so I called my dad. He is an engineer so he could not understand anything from the reports. I then told my sister regarding this and she made every arrangement for me. She made sure I get the best oncologist in Udaipur. 


I went for the surgery as if it could be my last day. I smiled when I went in. When the surgery ended, I was alive, and that was when I realized what was happening. I live every moment and I thank God every day for giving me my life back. 

I was 21 when I first learned about it, and I was diagnosed in 2019 after a gap of 20 years. Apart from surgery, the doctor did my CT scan and chemo. The surgery wound was not filled, so being a biology student, I was aware that the wound should be closed properly prior to a CT scan. I then went for the CT scan and chemotherapy too. As a patient, I made sure that I should know what is happening to me and be satisfied with my treatment. I think everyone should be aware of the treatment. 

On 14th November 2019, my surgery started, and after a month, my chemotherapy started, and then in march 2020, covid arrived in India. My chemo sessions were delayed as it was not safe going out. But then, after being informed about the precautions the hospital and doctors were taking, I started again with my chemo session. I then had radiation for 15 days. I had to go after three months, and I did follow that. I did follow this twice. I am now in the recovery process. 

Food changes in life

I am a person who can devour raw food. My father and I both used to eat food raw. we both used to like it. I won't say I don't like eating outside or preservative food. Therefore, it was easy for me to switch to patient food. As soon as I stopped eating sugar I got to know I have cancer. 

Family`s reaction

My whole family except me got a fever. They were tense, whereas I was all okay. I lived every day happily. I spent every day and every moment listening to songs.

Side effects of chemotherapy & how to cure it 

Constipation was the main side effect. I used to take Giloy & Gangajal daily due to which I didn't have many side effects. My father used to give me sugarcane juice which helped me as well. Because of school and the people around me, I didn't even get time to think of the disease. 

 How to self examine

  • When you go for a bath, move your hand in circular motion & this is the easiest way to know if the lump exists or not. 
  • The second way is to lie down with one hand below your head & revolve the other hand on the breast where you can feel the lump quickly & do the same with the other hand to know about the other breast. 

Lifestyle changes

I stopped eating sugar and oily food. I don't reuse the same oil which is used. Stay away from negative people or people who have negative vibes. 


Stay positive even if everything goes in the wrong direction. Just believe in God and his power. 

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