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Abhylaasha Nair (Breast Cancer)

Abhylaasha Nair (Breast Cancer)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I met with a severe car accident in 2004, and while undergoing treatment for the same, doctors found that I was suffering from stage 3 Breast Cancer. I was just 26 years old at that time. I was already under a lot of trauma due to the accident, and it suddenly worsened due to the Breast Cancer diagnosis. I was not ready to hear this, I suddenly felt everything crashing in front of me, but I had no choice but to stay strong and fight it.

Breast Cancer Treatment

I underwent a mastectomy and then reconstruction surgery, which didn't work well for me. Then I took 26 cycles of Chemotherapy followed by 11 cycles of Radiotherapy.

Undergoing Treatment for Breast Cancer was not easy for me; Chemotherapy was a tough task, and radiation was like experiencing hell. I lost my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. I developed permanent lymph node damage where all my lymphatic nodes are damaged and are incurable to date. If anyone touches my skin; it would get torn. I have lots of scars on my body. My nails became like popcorn and dropped off; I haven't had nails for many years, my hair regrowth was very slow, and it took me four years to get my hair back and still, they are just 30% of my original hair. Initially, it was difficult for me to see my body in the mirror because I had become very dark, and fat, and my skin had got rotten. I couldn't walk. There were lots of complications; I developed liver problems, and I couldn't eat or digest food. I had ulcers in my mouth and nose and therefore had trouble breathing through the nose.

It was not just physical things, there were emotional troubles too, and the worst was overcoming my mood swings. In the four years of my journey, I broke many things. I would get angry and was in extreme Depression. Initially, it was very difficult for me; I became very quiet; I would not feel like talking to anyone. I started comparing myself to other people. I went for counselling, but it didn't help me. When someone would say to me that you are a fighter, you can do this; I would become so angry and mad and would tell them to come and sit at my place and then talk. I was not ready to listen and understand those things at that moment, but when I think of it now, I understand that they were right, and I was wrong. I am a fighter, and I fought very bravely.

I am Happy Now

After so many challenges, somehow, with God's grace, I survived, and I am grateful for that. I am now very happy with myself, and I embrace myself more. You only have to control yourself and make yourself happy. Nobody knows better than you what you want in life. I am a plus-size model now, and a caregiver to many cancer patients in Delhi. I do counselling for patients; I have one on one counselling sessions in Delhi. I also do motivational speaking for cancer patients.

One song that changed my life was Mariah Carey's song - Miracle When We Believe.

That song changed my life totally and motivated me that if you believe, then you can do it. I still listen to that song every day.

I am very happy that I survived my battle against Breast Cancer. I am now pleased to do social services. Sometimes life gives us a reason to be alive.

Parting Message

You have to believe in yourself. Cancer is not easy to fight, but if you fight cancer, then you can easily fight with anything in this world.

Keep smiling, do whatever you want to do with all your heart. If you can change someone's life by giving a motivational talk or by helping them in any manner, then do it. Spread love and happiness.

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