Ram Kumar (Colon Cancer): “Don’t just hear positive, be positive.”

colon cancer survivor ram kumar kasat



I was diagnosed with colon cancer back in January 2018. My hemoglobin and B12 levels were suddenly down. The check-ups found me with a tumor in my intestine.


Treatment of my Colon Cancer


I got the tumor operated in February 2018. Therapies continued until September of that year. I thought that after the surgery, I had become a colon cancer survivor.


Other health complications began after a few months. So, I got tested again in March 2019. The reports showed that my cancer had reoccurred.


This time, the cancer had metastasized into my lymph nodes. So, I got my lymph nodes operated. Everything was going fine. I thought maybe I had become a cancer survivor.


However, a new cancer story occurred in October 2019. My cancer had reoccurred in the same area, where I had got my lymph nodes operated. I took radiation according to the doctors’ suggestion. Maybe all kinds of cancer treatment does not suit everyone.


Radiotherapy was not useful. My cancer spread to other parts of my body. Currently, I am taking chemotherapy. Apart from this, I also sought to Ayurveda. It has been 1-2 months since I am taking some herbal powder to support my cancer journey.


Two months back I had another operation. There were some issues in my intestine.


Thoughts on my story


Colon cancer has different stages. I think for stage 1 and stage 2, there is colon cancer treatment in India. But if it develops like in my case, it is challenging.


Maybe for colon cancer stage 3 and 4 there is much room for new treatment discoveries. In such advance stages of colon cancer, surgery is the only option. No, there is no other good treatment at this stage. I feel that there should be some medicines or other treatment to cure it. I am glad that I am able to tell this in my colon cancer patient story.


Parting Message for Cancer Warriors and Colon Cancer Patients


When you are diagnosed with cancer, do not panic. More importantly, do not take hasty decisions. Cancer warriors should keep their minds calm, analyze everything, and then start treatment.


Observe a good lifestyle, diet and will-power. Consume more liquids and nutrient-rich foods. Exercise regularly to strengthen your immune system. It will also make you mentally fitter.


My motto as a cancer warrior and colon cancer patient is that do not just hear positive words, but also be positive from within. Lead a healthy life. That is the key to fight cancer.


Do not put a full-stop to your passion, ambition and hopes after you are diagnose with cancer. Rather, your cancer journey is like a new cancer warrior life. Set your target; lead the way to success yourself. Do not be too much dependent on another person. Be your own hero.