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Book Free Consult's Founder Dimple Parmar Honored with the Cartier Women's Initiative Award

May 10, 2023's Founder Dimple Parmar Honored with the Cartier Women's Initiative Award
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – In a significant recognition of her impactful work in the cancer care ecosystem, Dimple Parmar, the Founder and CEO of, has been honored with the Cartier Women's Initiative Award 2023. This prestigious award underlines her profound contributions towards transforming cancer care in India.

Transforming Personal Tragedy into a Beacon of Hope
Starting as a beacon of hope after the loss of her husband to cancer, Dimple has turned her personal grief into a force for societal change. With the creation of, she sought to increase the chances of cure for cancer patients through a holistic approach, integrating medical treatment with managing side effects, anti-cancer diet, supplements, emotional wellness, and palliative care.

Her dedication and innovative approach have led to remarkable milestones: counseling over 100,000 cancer patients, organizing more than 1,000 events, and positively impacting over 200,000 lives. The organization's commitment to offering end-to-end personalized care is reflected in its comprehensive services and patient-centric mobile app, ZenOnco Cancer Care.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare
The Cartier Women's Initiative, an annual international entrepreneurship program, recognized Dimple's efforts to empower women impact entrepreneurs and drive societal change. Through this initiative, Dimple gained access to an expansive network of ambitious leaders, a customized learning program at INSEAD, and a financial grant of USD 60,000. These resources have further empowered her to rapidly advance's vision of saving & healing lives from cancer.

Reflecting on the award, Dimple shared, "The Cartier Women's Initiative is more than an award; it's a gateway to realizing our full potential. The support from this community accelerates our social goals and amplifies our impact on countless lives."

Senior leaders at the Cartier Women's Initiative praised Dimple's inspiring journey, stating, "Her story illustrates how one can transform pain into a powerful force for change. Dimple's is not just saving & healing lives from cancer but also exemplifies the power of courage and willpower in the face of adversity."

Pioneering a Holistic Approach in Cancer Treatment
Under Dimple's leadership, stands out as a leader in comprehensive cancer care, combining Integrative treatment into medical treatment. The organization's patient-focused approach is reshaping how cancer care is delivered, providing hope and comprehensive support to those in need.

Dimple's recognition by the Cartier Women's Initiative is a testament to her unwavering commitment to improving cancer care. It also symbolizes the growing importance of integrative approaches in the healthcare sector. Her leadership and's innovative strategies continue to inspire and pave the way for a future where comprehensive cancer care is accessible to all.

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