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Transforming Grief into a Mission of Healing

Sep 19, 2019
 Transforming Grief into a Mission of Healing
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - In a touching narrative of courage and compassion, Dimple Parmar's journey with her husband, Nitesh Prajapat, through his battle with colorectal cancer is both heartwarming and inspiring. Their story, a blend of love, loss, and resilience, has led to the creation of Love Heals Cancer, a testament to their combined fight against the disease.

A Journey Marked by Love and Determination
Dimple and Nitesh's story began at IIM Calcutta, where their friendship blossomed into love. The discovery of Nitesh's Stage 3 colorectal cancer diagnosis came as a shock, transforming Dimple's empathy into a commitment to fight alongside him. Despite the grim prognosis and spread of the disease, their love and determination only grew stronger, leading them to marry even as Nitesh faced Stage IV cancer.

Dimple took a break from work to care for Nitesh, exploring every possible avenue for his treatment, including clinical trials in the U.S. Her belief in the power of love and faith to heal was unwavering, even in the face of adversity.

From Personal Loss to Societal Gain
After Nitesh's passing in March 2018, Dimple felt a strong calling to give back the love and support she had received during their journey. This calling led to the establishment of Love Heals Cancer and, a dream that Nitesh had cherished.

Love Heals Cancer and A Beacon of Support and Healing
Today, Love Heals Cancer & provide a range of services to assist those battling cancer. With a team of 50 healthcare experts, the organization focuses on offering extensive healing options, emphasizing the importance of warmth, love, and support in complementing traditional cancer treatments. Dimple's belief that holistic care can significantly aid in healing is the driving force behind the organization.

Empowering Others Through Experience
Dimple Parmar's journey from being a caregiver to an inspiration for cancer patients and their families is a powerful narrative of turning personal tragedy into a source of strength for others. Her work through Love Heals Cancer and continues to touch lives, offering hope and comprehensive care to those in need.

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