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Robin Daly's 'Yes to Life' championing Integrative Oncology alongside

Aug 24, 2020
 Robin Daly's 'Yes to Life' championing Integrative Oncology alongside
A United Front in Cancer Care
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India -
In the global fight against cancer, Robin Daly's "Yes to Life" initiative stands out for its remarkable commitment to integrative oncology, aligning closely with the efforts of Both organizations are dedicated to empowering cancer patients with knowledge and comprehensive care, reshaping the landscape of cancer treatment.

Yes to Life: A Complement to's Mission
While, under the leadership of Dimple Parmar, has made significant strides in offering holistic cancer care, Robin Daly's "Yes to Life" complements this mission. "Yes to Life" focuses on educating patients about integrative oncology, a key aspect also championed by Together, they represent a powerful collaboration in the field.

"Yes to Life" extends its support beyond medical knowledge, offering financial and social assistance to cancer patients. This approach is in harmony with's commitment to providing end-to-end care, as both organizations recognize the importance of addressing the multifaceted needs of patients.

Spreading Awareness through Media and Events
Robin Daly actively spreads awareness through various channels, including his "The Yes to Life Show." This platform has seen guests like Dimple Parmar sharing insights into integrative oncology and personal experiences as a cancer caregiver, further amplifying the message of holistic cancer care.

The show, available on the UK HEALTH RADIO NETWORK LIMITED and Listen on Demand, makes these vital discussions accessible to a global audience, echoing's vision of making comprehensive cancer care available to all.

Fostering Hope and Healing
The combined efforts of Robin Daly's "Yes to Life" and highlight a growing movement towards integrative approaches in cancer treatment. Their work not only offers hope but also practical support to those facing cancer, symbolizing a future where patients have access to all-encompassing care and support.

Tune in to the Message of Hope
Listeners worldwide can tune into these enlightening discussions and be part of this transformative journey in cancer care by visiting The Yes to Life Show.

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