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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment:'s Study Reveals the Impact of Integrative Oncology

Nov 05, 2023
 Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment:'s Study Reveals the Impact of Integrative Oncology
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India -, a leader in the field of Integrative Oncology, has unveiled the findings of its landmark research, titled "Integrative Oncology Approach Leading to Improvement in Quality of Life of Cancer Patients: An Observational Study." This study represents a monumental step in cancer treatment, showcasing significant enhancements in the quality of life for patients battling cancer.

Transforming Cancer Care: The Approach: has pioneered a unique approach by blending traditional cancer treatments with alternative therapies such as nutrition, yoga, meditation, emotional wellness, and medical cannabis. This innovative strategy has now been scientifically validated, demonstrating substantial improvements in patient well-being.

A multidisciplinary team of experts led the study, featuring Dr. Ramesh Arya (Clinical Oncologist), Dr. Srinivas B J (Medical Oncologist), Dr. Donald John Babu (Surgical Oncologist), Dr. G. S. Lavekar (Ayurveda Physician, Former Director, CCRAS AYUSH Ministry of India), Dr. Shilpa Mazumder (Psycho-oncologist), Dr. Rohini Patil (Gynecologist, Palliative Care Specialist), and Dr. Poonam Vaswani (Nutritionist). Their combined expertise has resulted in this groundbreaking research.

From Research to Real Impact:
The study assessed 31 Indian cancer patients who adhered to's personalized Integrative Oncology protocol for more than 45 days. Utilizing the EORTC QLQ-C30 questionnaires, the research highlighted a remarkable 71% improvement in Quality of Life scores post-treatment. Furthermore, 68% of participants reported a significant reduction in pain, and 65% experienced a notable decrease in fatigue, underscoring the real-world impact of this approach.'s research transcends traditional disease treatment, focusing on nurturing the entire person. The findings offer groundbreaking insights into pain management, fatigue reduction, and overall well-being, proving the efficacy of's integrative model.

Inspirational Insights from the Lead Author:
"Through this research, we've illuminated a path that transcends traditional cancer treatment. Our findings signify a hopeful future where holistic care complements medical interventions, offering patients a chance to experience life beyond their diagnosis. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in oncology care." - Dimple, Founder & CEO,

Kishan Shah, co-founder of, commented on the study's significance, stating, "This research is more than just numbers; it's about real change in the lives of those we serve. It underlines our mission to blend the best of medical and complementary therapies, offering a beacon of hope and a new direction in cancer care. We're committed to continuing this journey, empowering patients to not just survive but thrive."

About is India's only Integrative Oncology healthtech platform with a vision to make quality Integrative Oncology cancer care accessible to all. provides holistic support with integrative oncology care that includes a team of oncologists, onco-nutritionists, Ayurveda doctors, emotional wellness counselors, nutraceuticals, mobile app, and clinics to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes for cancer treatment. Having counseled 100,000+ cancer patients, organized 1,000+ events, and touched 200,000+ lives, is dedicated to transforming cancer care, providing the best patient experience and saving lives through technological innovations.

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