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Love Heals Cancer & support 100,000+ cancer patients with free Onco-Nutrition Consultations this World Cancer Day

Feb 02, 2024
 Love Heals Cancer & support 100,000+ cancer patients with free Onco-Nutrition Consultations this World Cancer Day

In India, nearly 6 million individuals are struggling with cancer, and more than 70% receive a late-stage diagnosis. This contributes to the 63% mortality rate. The scenario is further complicated by inadequate healthcare access and the fact that 36% of patients lack health insurance. However, there's a silver lining — up to half of all cancer types could be prevented with early action. Integrative oncology, which merges standard medical care with complementary treatments to care for the patient as a whole, has been proven to help. Its adoption has led to notable improvements in patient survival, highlighting the effectiveness of a more holistic approach to battling cancer.

Within Integrative Oncology, Onco-nutrition is highly significant. Evidence from clinical studies suggests that patients who follow a well-planned diet can increase their survival rates by 40%. This benefit is likely because proper nutrition reduces inflammation, thereby creating a body environment that's less conducive to cancer growth and reducing the chances of cancer recurrence. Despite its proven benefits, incorporating Onco-Nutrition into standard cancer treatment protocols remains a challenge for many. This highlights the need to more widely integrate dietary strategies into cancer care, ensuring patients receive the full spectrum of support in their battle against cancer.

Love Heals Cancer and are dedicated to bridging the nutrition gap for cancer patients by offering free nutritional consultations to 100,000 cancer patients. Their efforts have already benefited 200,000 patients, enhancing their quality of life, easing side effects, and boosting their recovery. A notable study presented at the Indian Cancer Congress 2023 highlighted the positive outcomes of their approach: a significant 71% of participants reported a 50% improvement in quality-of-life scores, 68% experienced better pain management, and 65% noticed a decrease in fatigue levels. This initiative is set to broaden these benefits, reaching more patients in need.

Dimple Parmar, founder of and Love Heals Cancer, states, "This World Cancer Day, as we focus on the theme 'Close the Care Gap', our free onco-nutrition consultations aim to fill a crucial gap in cancer care. We recognize the multifaceted nature of cancer treatment and are dedicated to addressing the often overlooked, yet vital, aspect of nutrition in patient care."

Kishan Shah, founder of and Love Heals Cancer, says, "Our ongoing collection of patient data has shown significant improvements in quality of life for those following our integrative oncology protocols. We're committed to extending these benefits to more patients, enhancing their quality of life through our comprehensive program."

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About and Love Heals Cancer

Love Heals Cancer, a Section 80G-registered NGO, was founded by committed caregivers Dimple and Kishan in response to their personal encounters with cancer. Dimple lost her husband to cancer, and Kishan witnessed the pain and suffering of cancer patients firsthand., established in 2019, is India's most comprehensive value-based Integrative Oncology Care platform, with a mission to save and heal lives from cancer. Their approach is holistic, combining integrative treatment with medical treatment to improve nutritional, psychological, and physical well-being. Their mission is to improve people's quality of life while also elevating the chances of cancer cure. Together, the two organizations have touched the lives of over 200,000 cancer patients, hosted 1000+ events, and documented improvements in quality of life for more than 71% of patients.

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