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Kishan Shah: From Investment Banking to Transforming Cancer Care with Love Heals Cancer

Mar 16, 2020
 Kishan Shah: From Investment Banking to Transforming Cancer Care with Love Heals Cancer
An Unconventional Journey from Finance to Saving LIves
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – Two years ago, Kishan Shah, at the age of 29, was a quintessential example of a driven, ambitious young professional. Working as an investment banker at renowned firms like JP Morgan and GIC, he epitomized success in the corporate world. However, Kishan's life took a dramatic turn when he decided to leave his lucrative career to join Love Heals Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families.

A Rising Concern: Cancer in India
The situation in India, as reported by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), is alarming with over 25 lakh people battling cancer and approximately 10 lakh new diagnoses each year. This staggering statistic compelled Kishan to shift his focus from finance to healthcare. He states, "I wanted to help these people in their journey of fighting cancer. So, I decided to resign and dedicate my life to it.”

Love Heals Cancer: A Beacon of Hope
Kishan's college batchmate, Dimple Parmar, established Love Heals Cancer in Mumbai. The NGO provides counselling, community support, and a range of healing services to those affected by cancer. Kishan immersed himself in various training programs related to mind-body medicine, healing circles, therapies, oncology, and end-of-life conversations to better equip himself for this new mission.

Kishan's endeavors include conducting healing circles and workshops to educate and support cancer patients. His efforts have led to increased awareness and a supportive community for those battling the disease. In 2019, he played a pivotal role in launching India's first integrative oncology center,, further extending the reach of his vision.

Kishan's Early Life and Motivation
Born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Kishan's early years were spent in Indonesia due to his father's job. Returning to India in 2002, he pursued a degree in Commerce and later completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta. It was during his time at IIM Calcutta that the plight of his friend Nitesh Prajapat, suffering from cancer, deeply affected Kishan. Nitesh's struggle and eventual passing left a lasting impact on him, steering Kishan towards his philanthropic path.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Many
Today, Kishan, through Love Heals Cancer and, provides invaluable resources and support to cancer patients and their families. He has been instrumental in creating a database of healing options, integrative therapies, and forming support groups for those affected by cancer. His ongoing efforts to scale up these initiatives are testament to his commitment to making a tangible difference in the world of cancer care.

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