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Empowering Homebound Cancer Patients with Free AI-Based Tool

Jun 19, 2020
 Empowering Homebound Cancer Patients with Free AI-Based Tool
Navigating Cancer Treatment Amid Lockdown Challenges
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - Shaukat Hayat, a 67-year-old individual, faced a daunting challenge when diagnosed with colon cancer in December last year. His treatment journey, already complex, encountered an unexpected hurdle with the onset of the lockdown in March, halting his critical medical care. This disruption left Shaukat in a precarious situation, struggling to access timely treatment and consultations.

A Son's Quest for Solutions Leads to Ziopar (ZenOnco app)
During these trying times, Zishan, Shaukat's son, embarked on a search for alternative solutions, leading him to discover Ziopar, an innovative, free online AI-based cancer tool. Ziopar offered a ray of hope by providing personalized treatment options, dietary recommendations, and exercise regimes tailored to Shaukat's specific condition, based on detailed input about his disease, physiology, and medical history.

The Impact of Early, Accurate Cancer Guidance
The diagnosis of cancer can be a harrowing experience, often leaving patients and their families in shock and confusion. Immediate access to accurate medical guidance is crucial in establishing an effective treatment plan and instilling confidence in patients and caregivers. Ziopar, launched by ZenOnco, an online cancer management platform, serves this vital need. The tool's primary function is to evaluate the patient's health status and medical history, subsequently offering bespoke treatment suggestions, investigative procedures, dietary and exercise advice, and even pertinent questions to ask oncologists.

Ziopar's Role During Lockdown: A Beacon of Hope
Dimple Parmar, co-founder of Zenonco, highlights the significant role Ziopar played during the lockdown. "Treating cancer became exceptionally challenging during this period. Ziopar was introduced to bridge this gap, enabling patients and families to receive reliable guidance and information from the comfort of their homes." The tool's effectiveness is underscored by the fact that over 6,000 cancer patients utilized Ziopar's AI-based assessments during the lockdown, benefiting significantly from its insights.

Transforming the Cancer Journey with Clarity and Confidence
Zishan reflects on the transformative impact of Ziopar on their cancer journey, "Using Ziopar brought a sense of organization and clarity. It alleviated the fear of overlooking crucial aspects of care. As a caregiver, it empowered me with a deeper understanding of the disease, enabling better management and decision-making."

This narrative showcases how digital tools like the ZenOnco app, Ziopar are revolutionizing the approach to cancer care, offering personalized, accessible, and comprehensive support to those navigating this challenging path.

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