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Dimple Parmar of Enlightens International Forum on Integrative Medicines and Complementary Therapies

Jul 20, 2019
 Dimple Parmar of Enlightens International Forum on Integrative Medicines and Complementary Therapies
Spotlight on Holistic Cancer Care at Global Healthcare Event
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - Dimple Parmar, the esteemed Founder and CEO of, recently illuminated the 'International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare' with her insights on Integrative Medicines and Complementary Therapies. Her participation as a panel speaker at this prestigious global event underscores her role as a vanguard in the realm of holistic cancer care.

Sharing Groundbreaking Approaches in Cancer Treatment
Dimple's discourse revolved around the integration of traditional medical treatments with complementary therapies, a hallmark of's revolutionary approach to cancer care. Her session highlighted how combining standard medical treatments with alternative methods can significantly improve patient outcomes and overall well-being. A Model of Innovation in Healthcare has become synonymous with innovative cancer treatment in India. The organization is lauded for its commitment to integrating medical treatment with managing side effects through anti-cancer diets, supplements, emotional wellness, and palliative care. This approach has been a beacon of hope for over 100,000 cancer patients, directly reflecting in the organization's significant milestones.

Recognition and Inspiration
Dimple's selection as a speaker at the International Forum is a testament to her profound impact in the healthcare sector, particularly in cancer care. Her journey from personal tragedy to creating and being honored with the Cartier Women's Initiative Award 2023 serves as an inspiration to many. Senior leaders at the Cartier Women's Initiative have lauded her ability to transform personal pain into a powerful force for societal change.

Advocating for Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare
Dimple's efforts in empowering women entrepreneurs, particularly in the healthcare domain, were recognized by the Cartier Women's Initiative. The support and resources provided by this program have further fueled her mission to advance's vision and impact in saving and healing lives affected by cancer.

A Future of Accessible Comprehensive Cancer Care
The participation of Dimple at the International Forum not only highlights's pioneering work but also emphasizes the growing importance of integrative approaches in healthcare. Her leadership and the innovative strategies of continue to pave the way for a future where comprehensive and holistic cancer care is accessible to all.

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