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Dimple Parmar at TEDxXUB: Redefining Wellness and Cancer Care

Oct 18, 2019
 Dimple Parmar at TEDxXUB: Redefining Wellness and Cancer Care
A New Perspective on Wellness and Healing
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - In an enlightening session at TEDxXUB themed 'Mind and Matter', the third speaker, Dimple Parmar, known for her roles as a Love Warrior, Healer, and Social Entrepreneur, shared her insightful views on wellness. As the Founder and CEO of Love Heal Cancer and, Dimple has dedicated her life to assisting cancer patients, a journey that has earned her the “Top 100 Healthcare Leader award” by the International Forum of Advancement in Healthcare.

Wellness Beyond Medical Boundaries
Dimple's talk emphasized wellness as a holistic lifestyle choice, encompassing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. She advocates for a perspective that sees wellness not just as a medical solution but as a continuous, conscious effort towards achieving optimal well-being.

A Visionary in Cancer Care
Her work with Love Heal Cancer and exemplifies this holistic approach. These organizations focus on integrating conventional medical treatments with supportive therapies that address the emotional and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families.

Leading with Compassion and Innovation
Dimple Parmar's approach to cancer care goes beyond traditional methods. She leads with compassion, understanding the unique challenges faced by each patient, and innovates to provide comprehensive support throughout their journey.

Empowerment through Knowledge and Support
In her role as a speaker at TEDxXUB, Dimple shared valuable insights into the empowerment that comes from understanding and responding to the needs of the body, mind, and spirit, especially for those battling cancer.

Dimple's recognition as a “Top 100 Healthcare Leader” highlights her significant contributions to the field of healthcare and wellness. Her work is a testament to the power of integrating mind and body wellness in the journey of healing and recovery.

Inspiring a New Paradigm in Health and Wellness
Dimple Parmar's session at TEDxXUB was not just informative but also transformative, inspiring attendees to view wellness and cancer care through a lens of holistic healing and compassionate support. Her leadership in this field continues to pave the way for innovative approaches in healthcare.

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