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Business World Spotlights and Love Heals Cancer: Pioneering Integrative Oncology in India

Oct 01, 2020
 Business World Spotlights and Love Heals Cancer: Pioneering Integrative Oncology in India
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – Business World recently engaged in an insightful conversation with Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah, the dynamic duo behind and Love Heals Cancer. These organizations, operating at the forefront of integrative oncology healthtech, have made significant strides in cancer care through innovative approaches and dedicated service.

Unique Blend of Technology and Compassion
Love Heals Cancer, functioning as a Section 80G registered NGO, and, a healthtech cancer care startup, share a common mission to make quality Integrative Oncology cancer care accessible to all. Their overlapping functions enable them to guide cancer patients comprehensively, from selecting oncologists to explaining diagnostic reports, accessing discounted pharma drugs, and providing onco-nutrition counseling.

Innovations in Cancer Care: ZIOPAR and CANNECT has introduced ZIOPAR and CANNECT, two groundbreaking tools in cancer care. ZIOPAR is the world's first AI-based tool providing free directional cancer treatment assessment reports, covering both medical and complementary treatment options. CANNECT, India's first online cancer community, connects patients, survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to share experiences and knowledge.

ZIOPAR: Empowering Patients with Information
ZIOPAR requires cancer patients to input six basic details, generating detailed reports up to 20-25 pages, outlining medical treatment options, necessary diagnostic tests, and complementary treatment approaches. Based on protocols from esteemed oncology organizations, ZIOPAR has already benefited over 21,000 individuals across 16 countries, empowering patients and caregivers with vital treatment information.

The Genesis of a Vision
The idea for Love Heals Cancer and germinated from personal loss. Witnessing the benefits of Integrative Oncology in the US, Dimple and Kishan were inspired to bring this concept to India, aiming to improve clinical efficacy and manage side effects for cancer patients.

Achievements and Future Goals
Over the past four years, they have impacted 100,000+ cancer patients, and organized 1000+ events. Recognized as '101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders' at the World Health & Wellness Congress, they aim to expand their reach in India and overseas, focusing on a holistic 720-degree care approach.

Unwavering Dedication and Motivation
The motivation for Dimple and Kishan comes from their daily interactions with cancer patients. Their goal is to make a difference, even if it means helping one person at a time. With plans to expand their reach and technology-driven approach, they are committed to touching every cancer patient's life in India and beyond.

Balancing multiple responsibilities, their constant motivation remains the well-being of cancer patients. Each success story fuels their determination to continue their journey, aiming to revolutionize cancer care with love, compassion, and innovation.

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