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Against All Odds: The Inspiring Story of Dimple's Fight to Help Cancer Patients

Sep 23, 2019
 Against All Odds: The Inspiring Story of Dimple's Fight to Help Cancer Patients
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: In a remarkable story of resilience and compassion, Love Heals Cancer (LHC) has emerged as a beacon of hope in the cancer care community. Founded by Dimple Parmar in June 2018 as a tribute to her late husband, Nitesh Prajapat, LHC has made significant strides in providing holistic care to cancer patients across India.

Transforming Grief into Support for Thousands
LHC and has counseled over 100,000 patients nationwide, offering a range of services from psychological support to nutritional planning. This initiative was born out of Dimple's personal journey with her husband, Nitesh, who battled and ultimately succumbed to Stage 3 colorectal cancer.

Comprehensive Care Beyond Borders
Understanding the challenges of cancer care, LHC and extends its support through video and telephone calls for those outside Bangalore. The organization's team of over 50 healthcare professionals, including psychologists, oncologists, and scientists, collaborates to offer therapies like yoga, dietary plans, healing circles, and counseling.

Dimple Parmar's Inspirational Journey
Dimple's journey began at IIM-Calcutta, where she met Nitesh. Their bond, initially formed over startup discussions, evolved into a deep, loving relationship. Despite Nitesh's diagnosis, their love flourished, leading to an engagement and marriage, even in the face of his declining health.

A Story of Love, Strength, and Commitment
The couple's fight against cancer included a move to the US for clinical trials. Despite raising over a crore through crowdfunding and receiving global support, Nitesh's condition worsened, leading to his passing in March 2018. Dimple recalls his unwavering strength and joy, inspiring her to continue their shared mission.

Giving Back Through Love Heals Cancer and
Post Nitesh's passing, Dimple dedicated her life to helping others in similar situations. She underwent extensive counseling training in various renowned centers to better equip herself for this mission. Her efforts at LHC focus not just on physical healing but also on emotional support and mental health.

Advocating for Open Dialogues on Death and Cancer
Dimple's work involves breaking the taboo around death and initiating open conversations about cancer. Her commitment to providing care and support is a testament to the power of love and community in the face of adversity.

Recognized as a Section 8 organization, LHC's contributions are tax-deductible under 80 G. Dimple's story and LHC,'s mission continue to inspire and offer hope to many, proving that in the darkest times, love indeed heals.

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