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Advancing Integrative Oncology:'s Impactful Presence at the 3rd Indian Cancer Congress 2023

Nov 05, 2023
 Advancing Integrative Oncology:'s Impactful Presence at the 3rd Indian Cancer Congress 2023
Mumbai, India – At the 3rd Indian Cancer Congress (ICC) 2023,, under the visionary leadership of Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah, showcased its transformative journey in integrative cancer care. This event marked a significant stride in evolving from a deeply personal loss to a global mission in revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Transforming Personal Grief into a Global Mission

The inception of traces back to Dimple Parmar's profound personal loss, with the passing of her husband, Nitesh, to cancer. This pivotal moment led to the birth of, with a determined goal to innovate and reshape global cancer care. Turning grief into a powerful catalyst for change, has made an indelible impact on the lives of millions of cancer patients worldwide.

Innovating in Integrative Oncology's participation in the ICC 2023 highlighted its pioneering role in Integrative Oncology. The event was an essential platform for sharing how integrates advanced technology and compassionate care. Their approach synergizes cutting-edge technology and AI with holistic cancer treatments, offering a beacon of hope to patients.

Data-Driven Impact: A Testament to Care and Dedication's innovative methods have yielded remarkable outcomes. The organization's data reveals a significant improvement in patients' quality of life, medication adherence, and pain management. These achievements over the past seven years are a testament to's commitment to patient-centric care.

Empowering Research Findings

At ICC 2023, Dimple and Kishan presented their research demonstrating the effectiveness of their Integrative Oncology protocols. The study found that 71% of patients experienced improved quality of life, with 68% reporting a decrease in pain, and 65% less fatigue. This data underlines the transformative impact of's holistic approach on cancer care.

A Vision for Comprehensive Cancer Care stands committed to its vision of saving lives from cancer. Focused on providing value-based integrative oncology care, the organization strives to manage side effects, improve patients' quality of life, and extend life. The 3rd ICC 2023 not only recognized's innovative approaches but also reinforced its dedication to continue leading in cancer care, shaping a future where comprehensive and compassionate treatment is accessible to all.

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