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A Journey of Courage: Dimple and Nitesh's Battle with Cancer and Beyond

Apr 29, 2019
 A Journey of Courage: Dimple and Nitesh's Battle with Cancer and Beyond
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - In January 2018, amid the daunting challenge of fighting last-stage colorectal cancer, Nitesh Prajapat and his wife Dimple Parmar made a life-altering decision. They pledged to dedicate their lives to assisting others battling cancer, founding the non-profit organization Love Heals Cancer.

Love Heals Cancer: A Mission Born from Personal Struggle
The journey began in 2016 when Nitesh was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. The couple spent countless nights researching cancer, exploring everything from allopathic treatments to holistic approaches like yoga, meditation, and naturopathy. Their exhaustive research led to a comprehensive list of strategies for combating cancer.

Sharing Knowledge and Giving Back
Determined to share their knowledge and give back to the community, Nitesh and Dimple utilized crowdfunding and their IIT-IIM-Calcutta alum networks for support. They soon established Love Heals Cancer, a Mumbai-based NGO, focusing on raising cancer awareness and providing support to patients and their families. Dimple, understanding the pain of caregivers, extended her support to them as well.

Carrying on After Loss
Despite Nitesh's passing in March 2018, Dimple continued their shared dream. Today, she runs the organization, extending its reach across metro cities in India, offering free support and spreading stories of courage and bravery.

Nitesh's Early Life and Impact
Nitesh, the eldest sibling and family breadwinner, was an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Calcutta. He met Dimple at IIM-Calcutta, where their shared entrepreneurial aspirations led to a deep connection. In June 2016, a routine checkup revealed Nitesh's cancer, leading them on a journey of courage and more challenges.

The Couple's Journey Through Cancer
Nitesh and Dimple's journey was marked by surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials in the US. Despite the spread of cancer, they remained strong, marrying and vowing to face the challenge together. Their story in the US was one of receiving immense support from strangers, which deeply moved them.

Love Heals Cancer: A Comprehensive Support System
Through Love Heals Cancer, Dimple offers holistic healing, healing circles, and various programs aimed at supporting cancer patients and their caregivers. The organization addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of cancer, advocating for a community-based approach to healing.

Dimple's Continued Mission
Dimple, trained in counseling and supported by various organizations, leads Love Heals Cancer with a vision to provide a platform for unbiased information and support for cancer. The organization stands as a testament to Nitesh's legacy and Dimple's unwavering commitment to helping others through their cancer journey.

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