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United India Insurance Company Ltd
Tamil Nadu

The Chief Ministers Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, which was launched by the Tamil Nadu government through United India Insurance Company Ltd, provides quality health care to eligible persons through empanelled government and private hospitals, as well as reducing financial hardship for enrolled families and moving towards universal health coverage by effectively linking with the public health system.


Amount: Up to Rs. 5,00,000 per household per year in coverage for the diseases and treatments covered by the scheme. Every member of a family is eligible to serve as a Village Administrative Officer. The steps for enrollment are as follows: Request a family income certificate from the VAO. Take the original ration card and a Xerox copy to the district kiosk, together with your income certificate. After verifying the documents, the DK operator will enroll the member by obtaining demographic and biometric information. An ecard will be sent to the beneficiary after the member's photograph has been captured.

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